Living With Migraines

I’ve suffered for migraines since my young teens. And for a while I thought it was just something that everyone gets. We all have headaches, we all have migraines, I just get mine more than other people.

But while most people have had headaches, they don’t know the debilitation of a migraine. When the ONLY way to get rid of the pulsing pain in your head is to take excedrin, put a cold wash cloth on your head, and sleep. And if you can’t do that, then you just have to spend your day with your migraine. All light is sensitive and all noises are louder than usual. You’re probably nauseous and cranky, it feels like someone is stabbing you in the brain. And you have to work through it, because that’s life with migraines.

You know when someone’s had a migraine before when you tell them you have one and they give you the “I’m so sorry” face. You know when someone hasn’t had a migraine before when you tell them you have one and they’re confused as to why a headache has you couch-ridden.

My migraines are stress induced and I’m stressed out…a lot. In college, every hangover wasn’t just accompanied by that dehydrated splitting headache, but a full blown migraine putting pressure on my temples. Every work day that goes south too fast has me laying on the couch as soon as 5pm hits. Any weekend where I had a stressful sleep includes me trying to shake off the migraine all morning long.

Migraines take time out of my day and they’ve definitely kept me from doing some things I’ve wanted to do. Almost every time we travel, I’m graced with a migraine when we land. Which means our first day of the trip is either miserably powering through or sleeping it off.

The people who don’t have them don’t get it, the people who have them get it too much.

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7 Unexpected Ways College Prepared Me For The Real World

  1. Class skips are kind of like PTO
    Remember when they told you that you could only skip class three times before you failed out? Well you only get a certain amount of paid time off until you get fired!
  2. Lack of sleep
    In college, you lacked sleep because of all night partying an the occasional paper due at 8 AM. In the real world, you lack sleep because you’re so stressed out and have to wake up at 5:30 AM every day.
  3. Hangovers
    After 10 drinks in college, you would nurse a gnarly hang over in the morning. After 1 glass of wine in the real world, you nurse the same hang over. So at least you’re used to being hungover.
  4. Getting sick all the time
    You’d think you’d outgrow this, but going from the college atmosphere to the office atmosphere still exposes you to a lot of sick people.
  5. Never cooking
    In college you’d either order fast food or head to the dining hall on campus. In the real world, you don’t have time to grocery shop or cook or just don’t feel like it – so you eat out a lot still.
  6. Being poor
    You might get a job after college, but you’ll probably still be poor
  7. Being on your own
    It might not feel like it, but college actually does do a good job preparing you to be on your own. It’s not all fun and games anymore, but you were handed the tools to survive. You can do it!!
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