Breaking Up With The Places You’ve Been

I’ve traveled to a lot of cool places. I made memories there, met people, had a great time with great people, experienced and learned new things. And I miss it.

I miss it almost like it was a person who made an impact on my life and then vanished.

But we can’t live in the past, we can’t live in previous vacations and places we’ve traveled to. We can just hold on to the beautiful memories we made there. We have to break up with the places we’ve been.

We have to let them go and live our real lives again, we must maintain presence. Because when I find myself looking back on brunches next to the ocean, or exploring a volcanic cave, or standing in front of a glacier – I feel a pang of jealousy and a need to escape.

While it’s okay to escape life just for a little bit, we shouldn’t always be pawing for the past. I’ve broken up with the places I’ve been. I’ve said goodbye, for now, and visit the happy memories every once in a while. But I won’t spend time yearning for something that once was.

It’s gone and over. Maybe I’ll return again one day. But until then, we’ve broken up and I have to move on to my present life.

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My Completed Winter Bucket List

The last day of winter is still a couple of weeks away, it ends on March 19th. But I actually ended up accomplishing almost all of my winter bucket list. The only things I didn’t do were playing in the snow, because there was barely any snow, and crochet a beanie, because I just didn’t have the time or resources. I can also tack on moving out into my own apartment on this list 🙂 I am super proud of myself for all that I accomplished this winter and can’t wait to put together my spring bucket list!

1. Be happy

2. 500 likes on my Facebook page

3. Go to Iceland

4. Go on a weekend trip

5. Take more pictures/go more places

6. Actually enjoy New Years

7. Get into a yoga routine

8. 4,000 instagram followers

9. Change up my hair

10. Make more time for friends

11. Make more time for myself

12. Play in the snow

13. Crochet/knit a beanie

14. Learn something new

15. Continue my commitment to my job

What goals did you accomplish this winter?


My Trip To Iceland

Here’s the backstory on my trip to Iceland: About 6 months ago I saw this AMAZING Groupon for a cheap trip including a flight, hotel, and tour in Iceland. I had been on about 3 dates with my now-boyfriend and just asked if he wanted to go. I knew my travel-savvy friends all had trips booked in the future and just decided to go for it. He said sure, we booked it, and then we went on the trip last week!

We went on three excursions:

Northern Lights Tour – where it was way too cloudy to see the Northern Lights and we stood around for two hours at 10 pm just waiting for nothing to happen. It was a bummer, but life goes on.

South Beach Tour – it was raining this day and just did not let up. We saw two beautiful waterfalls, a glacier, and the black sand beaches. The sights were beautiful, but we were soaked through our clothes and miserable during the two hour bus ride back.

Blue Lagoon – okay, this was AMAZING. Everything about the Blue Lagoon is relaxing and beautiful. We spent more than two hours in the natural geothermal water which was probably 80 degrees. We got awesome face masks and a free drink. It was a wonderful time.

If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland I would definitely visit for a more detailed outline of the country.

We explored Reykjavik one day and got to see a bunch of museums, the harbor, and the music hall. We tried to eat local food as much as we could. One thing about Iceland is it is very expensive, so it’s something to think about when you are budgeting for the trip. Another great thing is that Iceland has free wifi like everywhere, you are almost never disconnected. You can visit my Instagram to see more pictures from the trip 🙂

The people were friendly, the country was beautiful, and I decided that I will definitely visit Iceland again during the summer time. It was a great trip!

Iceland Tips Needed

In one week (ah!!) I will finally be on my way to Iceland. I spontaneously booked this trip 6 months ago and can’t believe it’s actually happening.

Anyway, I’m looking for tips, tricks, and advice from anyone that’s been there. We will be staying in Reykjavik and already have a tour planned to see the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, and black sand beaches. But I’d love for any suggestions inside the city or in walking distance of where things are centrally located (idk where things are centrally located, but I assume that is where I’m staying).

Any suggestions for places to eat or things to shop for would be great! Also advice on packing, Iceland in general, etc. is welcome!

Thanks in advance for all of your help 🙂