Completed Summer Bucket List

I know everyone believes that summer ends after Labor Day, but I stick to the calendar and let summer go a few weeks into September. Because summer is so different when you’re out of school and working, it took me a while to adjust to that summer, care-free feeling. Mostly because I still have a lot of cares, like a lot of them. Fortunately, the end of my summer perked up a lot and I had a great couple of months. I made big plans this summer and finished most of them! Comment below with one thing you did this summer! 🙂

  1. Go Blonder
  2. Read 10 books
  3. Go to the gym frequently
  4. Visit 3 out of state locations
  5. Go hiking in 3 places
  6. Go kayaking
  7. Start taking more pride in my appearance
  8. Make more plans with friends
  9. Make content calendar for instagram
  10. Reach 2,000 WordPress followers
  11. Reach 7,000 Instagram followers
  12. Reach 550 likes on Facebook
  13. Find my independence
  14. Get a pet
  15. Keep my apartment clean for more than a week
  16. Visit Grounds for Sculpture
  17. Go to a sporting event
  18. Buy concert tickets
  19. Adjust my routine

7 Reasons Why It Sucks That Summer Is Ending

Labor day weekend is pretty much the last weekend we have to enjoy the dwindling amount of summer we have left.  Here’s why that sucks:

1.The warm weather disappears

Why does it feel like it’s cold for 90% of the year?

2. My tan will fade

Lucky you if you look good pale, I look like I’ve had the flue for three weeks straight.

3. It’s harder to look cute in sweaters

We all know sundress season is the best season.

4. There’s no excuses to eat ice cream like all the time

Down the shore? Ice cream. Hot day? Ice cream. Bored? Ice cream.

5. I can’t drive with my windows down

My morning commute won’t be the same if I can’t feel the wind on my face and blast 7 Things I Hate About You by Miley Cyrus.

6. Summer hours at work are over

Back to the normal 9-5 Monday-Friday.

7. Another summer has come and gone without much accomplishment

What else is new?

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