My Word For 2019

For the past two years, I’ve decided to designate a word to my new year instead of resolutions. In 2017, my word was enough and in 2018, my word was presence. I think about my words from time to time throughout the year and never really feel like I’m accomplishing them until I reflect back. Enough has really made an appearance in my life, I have accepted a lot about myself in the past two years and am generally happy. I am still working on presence and I think that’s mostly due to scrolling through social media so often. But I’m aware of the problem and that means I’m closer to fixing it.

My word for 2019 is going to be adventure. While I like to put on a brave face and show everyone how much I love to do new things, new things actually make me extremely nervous. Traveling, moving, starting something new all give me anxiety and actually give me migraines.

But I’m starting 2019 off with a bang by moving out of state, starting a new job, and basically a new life. I know I will have to make new friends, explore a new area, and balance everything I’m leaving behind in New Jersey.

I’ve decided to accept the adventure and carry that feeling with me throughout the year. It will all be a new learning experience, but I’m going to make it fun and I’m going to make the best of it. Despite the anxiety, I know this is a great step for me so I just need to embrace my adventurous side and see where things take me.

Let me know your word for 2019 below!

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I Want To Follow You on Instagram!

Hey guys!

So one of my goals for 2016 is to increase my branding on social media. I see that some of you post your Instagrams on the bottom of your blog posts and I have given you a follow.

But I would like to be able to reach more of you through Instagram so I can not only enjoy your words, but also your beautiful pictures 🙂

You can follow me on instagram at or @rosieeek

I will, of course, follow back. Or if you want you can just drop your insta name in the comments and I’ll give you a follow!

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂




If You’re Not Writing Down Your Goals, You’re Doing It Wrong

For most of my life, I don’t think I really had any goals. When the new year rolled around I’d say I wanted to lose weight or I wanted to go on more adventures. But those were just words that fell to the floor and disappeared as the days, weeks, months, and years went by.

In 2016, I started writing down my goals and I started writing them down monthly. I wanted to make a positive change in my life.

By writing them down, you will realize you have goals that you’ve never said out loud before. You will have a visual guide of things to strive for. Right before your eyes, you will see the development and finishing of ideas that will better your life.

Did you even know you wanted to lose 2 lbs by the end of the month? Did you even know you were capable of it? The idea may have been buried in the back of your head somewhere, waiting to be achieved. But unless you’re seeing it, living it, and striving for it – will it ever really get accomplished?

Split your goals up into long term and short term goals. And always remember to be realistic. You want to lose inches on your waist? That’s awesome! But it may be more of a long term goal than short term. You want to see your friends twice a month at least? You should! And make that a short term goal, make it happen now.

And always throw in little goals on top of your big goals, ones you know you can make happen. You’ve been wanting to add some positive pieces to your home. So write it down and go out and buy some plants this afternoon. You’ve already accomplished something, so imagine how much further you can go!

When the end of the month is nearing, you’ll see that you’re very close to reaching some of your goals and that makes you push harder to finish them before the next month begins. Or you’ll see that some of your goals just can’t happen this month, but it’s okay because you’ll work towards completing it next month.

Writing down your goals is the simplest way to motivate yourself and make life changes. The whole process has turned my entire life around and moving towards a more positive direction. Make the list and soon you’ll be crossing off those goals one by one. You’ll be so much closer to your dreams and your happiness.

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8 Ways To Clean Up Your New Year

1.Go through your social media

Delete people you barely know and people who make a negative impact. I deleted 51 “friends” on Facebook and deleted like 3 picture albums. They were just part of the past that needed to be swept away.

2. Go through your phone.

I compulsively delete pictures and text messages daily. But if you’re not a weirdo like me, take some time to get rid of those texts you reread to make yourself feel bad and those pictures that don’t stir up good memories. And delete any contact in your phone that is unnecessary – I deleted 29 people from my contacts.

3. Go through your music.

Download the songs you’ve been dying to listen to and delete the ones that you constantly skip over. Get rid of the playlists made by exes and bring in the new.

4. Donate your old clothes.

I think I had two trash bags full of old clothes that I hadn’t worn in years. Get rid of the extra clutter and make room for your new gifts. Donate them to someone who needs them.

5. Physically clean something.

Vacuum your room and remove the 15 half empty water bottles from your car. Start fresh.

6. Get rid of the junk food.

Actually stick to your resolutions and clean out your snack cabinet.

7. Try a new work out.

Clean up your gym routine and try something new, no more half assed squats and a brisk walk on the treadmill.

8. Clean up your attitude!

Out with the negative, in the with positive. You had all of 2015 to wallow in the things that weren’t going right in your life. 365 days passed where you didn’t make a change. So do it now, there’s no better time to appreciate what you have and start living life with a different point of view.

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Thank You For Helping Me With My New Year Resolution!!

Before 2016 comes, I had set a goal for myself to have 345 likes on Hookup Culture’s Facebook page. And because of you guys, I reached that goal! Now, I am only 1 like away from 350 likes which would be amazing to reach! If you haven’t, please visit and give my page a like 🙂

ALSO if your blog has a Facebook page, please leave your link in the comments! I’d love to give it a like!

Thanks in advance!



Don’t Spend NYE With Your Ex

It’s inevitable that some of our friends are still friends with our ex. You probably met your ex through a friend or they all became buddy-buddy while you were dating.

So you still see them every once in a while on your Facebook timeline, and you still hear stories about them when you’re out to dinner, and you still run into them at parties.

I get some people are friends with their exes, but I think in most cases there is still a tiny bit of bad blood. It’s just hard to break something off that had so many emotions involved without feeling hurt in some way.

And although you still have some sort of contact with your ex and it’s unavoidable, you do not have to spend New Years Eve with them.

I think I would rather sit at home alone and eat my hair than go to a New Years Eve party with an ex. Why? Because either you’re going to end up kissing each other or you’re going to end up kissing other people in the same room as each other….weird. OR one of you ends up kissing nobody while the other is kissing somebody and can you imagine how that would feel?

Check out the invite list to your NYE party and click do not attend if you see an ex attending. Because why would you want to ring in the new year with your past? You might as well be re-living the year you broke up all over again.

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16 People You Should Ditch In 2016

1. The boy that never texts you back.

He’s not interested and he sucks.

2. The friend that only comes around when it’s convenient for them.

They didn’t show up to your birthday because of a hair appointment, but they’ll come to a party if it means free food.

3. The ex that still pops up every once in a while.

“We haven’t spoken in months and ended on bad terms, but how are you doing???”

4. The friend who hooked up with your ex.

Even if it was an “accident”, they probably haven’t done anything redeemable since.

5. The boy you’re just not interested in.

You don’t want to be mean, but he continues to text you even though you’ve made it obvious you’re not into it.

6. The Facebook friend with too many political opinions.


7. The “fitspiration” Instagram account that makes you feel fat.

You look fine, they just stay skinny for a living.

8. The Twitter follower that over dramatically shares too much information.

Do you want personal privacy or anything???

9. The high school friend who just isn’t a friend anymore.

You grew apart, face it.

10. The ex coworker that talks a lot of trash.

You don’t work with them anymore, they’re probably not needed.

11. The boy you went on a date with that one time.

There’s no reason to be Facebook friends, you just didn’t click.

12. The college friend who didn’t keep in touch.

They’re clearly too busy to care.

13. The really ambitious acquaintance that makes you feel bad.

It’s okay if you’re not traveling the world right now, but you don’t constantly need that reminder.

14. The acquaintance that is always asking for favors.

Can you donate to this gofundme? Can you like this page? Like I barely know you????

15. The boy that only comes around when it’s convenient.

“Hey I feel sucky about myself so I wanted to remind you that I exist and you still love me.”

16. Your negative self.

Any part of you that is old and dark and needs to change. Let it go and enjoy your new year and self.

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