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The Hookup On: Trying Out Spritzr

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I’ve often found that people refer to dating apps as a game, but most of the apps out there right now are not actually a game.

I came across Spritzr, a match making app, that has more fun and game like qualities than any other app out there right now. If you’re swiping through boring apps and looking for a little more fun, Spritzr is the place for you! Check it out here:

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Spritzr allows anyone to play matchmaker. I especially like this because:

  1. My single friends are always looking to be set up.
  2. I’m missing out on all the dating app fun now that I’m in a relationship!

You can play matchmaker for your friends and help them discover what they have in common. Your friends probably know you better than you know yourself, so why not let them give it a try?

If your friends aren’t on the app, you can match community members without knowing them. You see a main user profile and several secondary ones that Spritzr suggests. If you believe any of those are a good match just drag and drop it onto the main user profile.

This is a game that even has rewards! You can make 10 matches daily and even be rewarded when a good match is done.

These dates are recommended by real people, not just random swiping through people nearby or calculated algorithms that don’t really seem to work. I was a big user of dating apps when I was single and Spritzr seems a lot more fun and a lot more friendly.

Download the app here:



Ready to try? Give me a comment below if you’re thinking of downloading the app!



The Hookup On: Relationship Thoughts & Bumble

A new twist, since you always see my writing and never hear my voice, here’s something fun for you guys! I was on Live from the Middle Urinal, a mainly male focused podcast, and voiced my opinions on dating, Tinder and Bumble, relationships, ghosting, and more!

Take a listen here:


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And let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Why Online Dating Might Work For You

Online dating…I don’t recommend it.

I hate Tinder, Match was awful, Coffee Meets Bagel was annoying, Bumble is just frustrating. All of these things aren’t bad because I’m against online dating, they’re bad because online dating is not for most people.

If you are young, single, career driven, and happy – you really don’t need those dating apps. And going on dates off of them is just going to drive you insane. Why? Because you have better things to do with your time than go eat sushi with a stranger and feel pretty uncomfortable the whole time.

Because you work in a place where you can meet people. Your friends work in places where they can introduce you to people. You go out on weekends to places where you can meet people. You are simply adding another thing to your agenda, something that you aren’t even that enthusiastic about because it is just so awkward.

Despite your age or career, if you’re new to an area or having a hard time meeting people – then I will recommend dating apps (specifically Bumble, the rest are garbage). Because it’s very hard to meet people if you don’t get to go out all the time or if you don’t have any friends in your area. If you really stay home every night with your cat and can’t find anyone to make plans with – then use the apps, go on a date. You’re not wasting any time, you’re just skipping another night of TV and wine, which you can afford to do.

I’ll also recommend dating apps to you if you’re not actually looking for a relationship. If you’re totally cool and down for a hook up or friends with benefits, then I am positive you will find it on Tinder or OKCupid.

Overall, I don’t like dating apps and don’t think they work for a majority of people in their early 20’s, like me. They introduce you to a world of endless possibilities, which actually makes it harder to pick someone to date. Because the selections never end, you might find something better, etc. etc. And if you’re in college then I can guarantee you don’t need those apps.

Dating apps just fulfill a need for attention and cause a lot of conflict when there are so many people available to you. It is totally possible to meet someone in person, it just takes patience and time. Online dating surely works for some people, but I think the rest of us need to delete the app and accept that we’re just attention hungry and bored.

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6 Reasons I Stopped Answering You On Tinder

  1. You asked for my number after 1 minute of conversation

Like the whole point of messaging through the app is so I have a little privacy.

2. You asked me out on a date after a 5 minute conversation

You are a stranger!!

3. You never ask questions in return.

Please don’t answer my questions in fragments and expect me to keep the conversation rolling

4. I realized your Tinder bio says some pretty weird things

Sometimes I get a little swipe-happy and go off of looks instead of your bio

5. I googled you and found some not so great stuff

Like, you look nothing like your tinder pics.

6. We are just different

We’re not vibing, we have nothing in common, and I’m pretty sure you’re just messaging me out of boredom.

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Weird Tinder Bios

How often do I delete and redownload dating apps? Often. Here’s some weird Tinder bios I came across in my swiping adventures:

If a lot of girls on tinder have weird eyebrows and you insult said girls – aren’t you lowering your chances at a match?

I’m gonna need you to not use this face: “;p”

Okay if that’s your thing….”;p”

That’s a lot of money, I’m a little suspicious


Doesn’t this guy just seem super pleasant?

Again, if that’s your thing…..
Next time you’re about to swipe right, I recommend reading the bio. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Online Dating: The Worst Pick Up Lines Part 2

I gave dating apps another shot…for like a week. The following are the first messages I received from some of the guys – I proceeded to delete my apps. Check out part one here.

Oh wow that sounds….romantic

Thanks for the invite, but I’ll pass

Well I know you do

Consider this my 100th PSA that pick up lines based off my name are not cute

Even if I could get past your grammar, DON’T SAY THIS TO PEOPLE!!!!

And I shouldn’t be concerned they keep deleting your profile…?