Wordpress, Will You Like Me When I’m 23?

Updated 5/17

So, my birthday is in two weeks!

I think birthdays stopped being exciting after 21, now everything just seems disappointing. To quote Blink 182 (like everyone else does on their 23rd birthday), “Nobody likes you when you’re 23.” And soon, I’ll be exactly that age.

So far, I’ve LOVED 2016. I set goals for myself monthly and I’ve crushed all of them. I do new things, meet new people, and have accomplished so much.

I’ve set a new goal myself. My goal is to have 400 likes on my Facebook page by my birthday – which is May 31st. I currently have 398 likes!! Thank you to everyone who visited my Facebook page and gave it a like 🙂 You may be thinking “only 2 likes away! That’s not so hard!” Trust me guys, it’s not easy. I briefly reached the 400 and then two people unliked my page so I’m back under again lol

If you have a Facebook and you want to give me a little birthday present this year, head over to www.facebook.com/hookupcultures and give the page a like 🙂 I know numbers aren’t everything, but they are something. And the reach I get from Facebook is tiny, but significant. Having just 20 more followers makes a world of difference in stats. Especially when I know the people I follow on WordPress are from all over the world!

Thank you in advance!

And by all means, if you have a Facebook page please drop your link in the comments! I would love to like your page back.