7 (Sort Of) Adult Life Tips

  1. It’s okay to take a couple of extra napkins, sweeteners, plastic utensils, etc. from a fast food place to stock up your own kitchen.
    But it’s probably not okay to steal toilet paper from restaurant bathrooms.
  2. Almost never take PTO for something that doesn’t make you happy.
    Seriously, taking precious time off to get a cavity filled or to clean your house is not a good use of time.
  3. Savings accounts are what dreams are made of.
    Stop opening credit cards you can’t pay off and start saving and collecting interest.
  4. Travel or do SOMETHING that breaks up the monotony.
    I know not everyone likes to travel, but don’t be afraid to throw some money at fun activities that will make the work week a little easier.
  5. Take full advantage of whatever your parents offer you.
    Never say no. Do I want to take home some of the banana bread you’re making? Yupp. If grandma wants to give me $20, am I gonna say no? Nope.
  6. Speaking of parents, don’t feel rushed to move out.
    I thought all I needed in life was to move out, but life at home is a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Really all I need in life is my mom.
  7. Don’t take it too seriously.
    A job is a job, it is not your whole entire life. Make happiness a priority. If you really sit and put things into perspective, think about all the things you can accomplish and all the things to see, you don’t have to stress hard about anything that is not adding anything to your life.
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5 Frustrations Of Finally Moving Out Of Your Parents House

1. The packing 
Up until now, you’ve thrown your stuff in boxes and plopped them in your college apartment hoping no that they would unpack themselves. You also never noticed how much stuff you’ve accumulated along the way….where did all this come from?!

2. Realizing you don’t have half the stuff you need to live on your own

Basic things like a travel coffee mug and salt and pepper won’t magically appear in your cabinets, you actually have to buy them…

3. All the stuff you didn’t realize you weren’t paying for at home

Forget about rent, you have to buy your own food, clothes, medications, instance, and more now!! Who knew being an adult would be so expensive?

4. Leaving behind your family pet

I ask my mom every day if I can take my dog with me when I move out. We all know I can’t afford to get a dog on my own right now.

5. Saying goodbye to your comfort zone

Your family home is a safety net. Sure, you graduated college and are technically an adult now. But you always had good ol mom and dad to come home to and they would offer to solve all your problems. They’ll always be there for you – but you have to cook your own dinners after work now. Ugh.

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First Impressions Aren’t Important

You’re going on a job interview, a first date, or meeting the parents. And you’re supposed to make a good first impression. Because first impressions are important – that’s what they say.
But I don’t think first impressions are important at all, because I mostly see them as a nice little white lie. All a first impression is showing me is how you sugar coat yourself, the things you hide and the things you show in order to make me like you.

You wrap yourself up with pretty paper and tidy bow to fool someone into think you’re someone you’re not. That you’re organized, or charitable and nice, or responsible and worthy. Your first impression is just you trying to be someone else.

And what is that worth if you can’t live up to it? If you get the job and aren’t “used to working in fast paced environments”like you said. Or you are three months into a relationship and you end up showing the more prominent part of your personality, which is snobby and a little mean, not nice and helpful like you said. Or you go to your in laws for Christmas dinner and they found out this is the second job you’ve been fired from and you just can’t keep a job, you’re not as responsible and put together as you said you were.

What’s a first impression without the ability to make that impression again and again and again? I’d rather strip it down, know that you don’t do this well and you don’t like these kind of people and you often act this way. Because why waste your time and someone else’s time being someone you’re not? Why waste my time convincing me of your best self, only to end up revealing your true self much later on?

If we all did that, we might not make friends so easily. But at least we’d have a much clearer idea of who we were dedicating our time to. Your first impression isn’t important to me, it’s what’s deep beneath your layers that matters most.


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8 Thoughts Of Someone Who Is Always Sick

1.You forget what it’s like to be normal

Sick is normal, right?

2. You’ve basically become BFF’s with the doctor’s office.

Stick a needle in my arm and cure me, doc.

3. When you call your mom to tell her you’re sick, she doesn’t really care

“Again???? What do you want me to do about it???”

4. You cancel on plans constantly

My friends probably think I’m just using “I’m sick” as an excuse.

5. You’re constantly questioning if you’re sick or tired.

Is this a cold? Or allergies? Or am I tired? Or drunk?

6. When you do figure out you’re getting sick, you take drastic measures to stop it in it’s tracks.

*lays in bed for 20 hours, chugs orange juice, gargles salt water*

7. You begin to question if you’re actually dying.

WebMD says my cold symptoms could be because of cancer!!!

8. You get better….but not for long.

You barely recognize a time where you feel normal because you’ll probably be sick again soon.

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Does Moving Home Mean Moving Backwards?

High school was rough for me.  I rebelled against almost everything my parents wanted.  I didn’t get the grades they liked, didn’t join any clubs or sports, had the wrong friends, and did not one thing right.  I resented being controlled and watched over all the time – it ate away at me and made me a very bitter human.

The freedom of college was unbelievably sweet to me.  I learned things about myself that I feel were suppressed when I was stuck living under the law of my parents. I grew into an adult that could take care of herself. I got good grades, all on my own.  I joined so many clubs and took so many initiatives to make amazing friends.  I became better acquainted with my family.  I overall knew who I was and liked that person.

Then I graduated and then I moved back home. At first, I didn’t think anything would be that different from being at school.  I had become sort of a grandma towards the end of my senior year so I wasn’t going to miss drinking four days a week minimum.  I also wasn’t going to miss spending so much money on food and unnecessary things.

When I first got home, my normal life continued.  I spent the weekends with my friends and spent my days unpacking and running errands.  But that all slowed down and since I don’t have any friends from high school – I got bored.

And when I got bored I got nagged about getting all of my unpacking done, or about why I didn’t clean up the kitchen, or about when I was going to get a job. All things I would’ve done at my own stress-free pace at school, but impossible at home.  Then I got sick and the difference between being sick at home and at school blew my mind. I’ve gone to the doctor’s at least 4 times, whereas at school I was lucky if I made it to the Minute Clinic at all. My mom cooked all my meals, washed all my clothes, and doted on me as I wallowed on the couch for days at a time.  At school – if I was awake long enough I would text my friends to get me a gatorade and still make it to the bar that night even when running a fever.

My dog is the only one who hangs out with me.  My parents annoy me with every word they say to me.  I’m alone a lot, but can’t seem to get enough alone time. I resent being controlled and watched over all the time – it’s eating away at me and making me a very bitter human, once again.  Will all the progress I’ve gained in college slowly disappear with each month I’m living at my parent’s house?

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I Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be In Love

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/imagineitall/
Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/imagineitall/

I often read love stories and wonder how the hell authors come up with them.  They fill the pages with this feeling that can jump right into the reader, but it’s a feeling many of us have never even experienced in real life.  Novels about being in love portray this unreal romance that overcame all the odds. The feeling of love between characters creeps into your heart and into your mind, but is it love? Or is it just nonsense?

I know what it’s like to love someone. I’ve cared about someone deeply, wanted to spend time with them, and make them happy. But I was never in love. Infatuated, maybe. Young and dumb, definitely. But never in love.

I guess some people might think that’s sad. In all honesty, I think it’s sad that a lot of the time people are just tricked into thinking they’re in love.  I find it hard to believe that being in love is such common thing.  That with all the people in the world, we happen to find our soul mates in our college Biology class.

It’s not like I don’t believe in love. I have seen a few cases of parents who still like each other to this day.  Growing up, it just always seemed to me that married couples did what was convenient at the time and probably regret that decision now that they obviously aren’t so in love anymore.  We choose convenience over actual feelings of being in love.

It might be childish, but I think it should be like the novels and movies. It should be this great ordeal, and unreal romance that defeats all odds. Otherwise, it’s just good timing and settling because that’s what society wants us to do.

I can maybe name five couples who I believe are truly in love.  They enjoy each other’s company and probably still have butterflies in their stomach from time to time.  I don’t believe being in love comes easy, but I’ll still cling to the fact that there are rare romances out there that will make my head and heart fill up the way it does when I’m reading a Nicholas Sparks book.

For now, I just don’t know what it’s like to be in love.

The 1, 2, 3’s of the Dating Process

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/drriss/
Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/drriss/

There’s something about dating today that makes everyone’s lives complicated. It seems that no one wants to admit to having feelings first. No one wants to be “tied down” with a significant other. Dating could actually be really easy: you’re exclusive if you like each other, you’re not if you don’t. But somewhere along the line someone decided dating wasn’t going to be easy anymore. And now we’re left with a messy, mostly drunk, agonizing “dating” process. Some people skip steps and some people go out of order, but one thing’s for sure: it never quite works the way we imagined.

You drunkenly meet at a party.

You go out to a party, or maybe to a bar, with a few of your friends and notice a cute guy. There’s no way you can go talk to him, because that would be super weird. But then you get a few more drinks in you and lose all common sense. You do something corny like pretend to bump into him and you get a conversation going. Somehow, you’ve managed to exchange numbers and you think your game is on point. If you don’t manage to bump in to him, you decide to follow him on Twitter and hope he’ll add you on Facebook. You’ll favorite his tweets and he’ll follow you on Instagram.  Some drunken way and some drunken how – you will get his number.

You drunk text him.

Now that you’ve gotten his number, it’s too weird to randomly text him in the middle of the week. So, again, you get drunk and lose all common sense. You shamelessly flirt with him and probably say things you’ll regret in the morning. (And you do, in fact, regret it in the morning.)

You meet up at a party and hook up.

The impossible has happened! You’ve finally hooked up with him and you say the same thing about the hook up several times in different words throughout the entire next day. Naturally, your best friends ask if you would do it again, and you imagine all the possibilities: you can never speak to him again; you could continue to drunkenly hook up with him; or you can attempt to date this kid.

You start hanging out and hooking up during the week.

Now you have to get over that sober hump (pun not intended?). So your best friends help you plan out exactly when to text him, what to say, and how to respond. He asks you to go over his house. But it’s 2 in the afternoon. He wants to hang out in broad daylight and shit is getting real.

You hear he’s texting/hooking up with other girls.

Okay, nothing to worry about. You never said you were dating, so he can hook up with whoever he wants. You haven’t hooked up with anyone else, but it’s not because of him. It’s just a coincidence. This doesn’t even bother you. Who cares what he does, right? You’re gonna do whatever you want to do too.

You get drunk and confess all your feelings.

So you got drunk and told him you like him and don’t want to hook up with other people. This isn’t the end of the world, but, like, it kind of is. He hasn’t even responded and it’s been 6 minutes so clearly he hates you and this was the biggest mistake of your—oh my God, he answered. And….he likes you, but doesn’t want a girlfriend right now. That’s not so bad. I mean, he likes you, he just doesn’t want a girlfriend. You can do that.

You can’t do it.

You get jealous of every other girl he hooks up with and you get mad that he isn’t giving you all of his attention. You try to up your game a bit and get him to notice you, but that fails miserably. You get tired of his shit so you end things and celebrate your “I’ve-always-been-single-but-we-sort-of-broke-up” swag with your friends at a party. You hate boys and you vow to stay single for a long time—but did you SEE that guy over there?

You should go talk to him.

OR you can do it.

And you made the impossible possible in college and are in an actual, honest-to-god, FBO relationship.

Danielle Williams