The Hookup On: My First Blogger Event!

This weekend I went to my first blogger event at 2nd 2 None StudioΒ in Hackensack, NJ! The studio was beautiful, I’ve never really been to a studio that had such a wide range of services. They had a wonderful makeup and hair area, multiple rooms that were gorgeously decorated for photoshoots, a room for podcast recording, and a room for videography. They also have a massive infinity wall that would be great for any photos! The space was really cool and I would highly recommend checking them out for any media needs you have if you’re in the area.

I had the opportunity to meet with some companies and YouTubers, bloggers, and influencers from New Jersey – which was awesome because NJ influencers aren’t easy to come by. We don’t have any major cities, so most NJ influencers identify with Philly and New York City instead of New Jersey.

I also got the chance to receive and test products from these companies:

  • Kiss Makeup
  • SaeHan
  • La Fresca
  • SmartCare
  • Nicka K Makeup
  • Unique Freak Hair Dye
  • Better Life Essential Oil
  • Colageno Perfecto
  • 207 New York Charcoal Mask

I really love the 207 New York Charcoal Mask, but I will warn you all that it’s a little painful to peel off! The Ienvy lashes by KISS are beautiful and seem very easy to apply, even for a beginner lash user like me! The La Fresca feminine hygiene products are very handy and smell great. Lastly, the Nicka K lip gloss is so fun and flirty, I can’t wait to wear it out!

All in all, the blogger event was great and I can’t wait for my next one! πŸ™‚

I attended this event in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are mine.

Let Me Selfie

It’s a selfie revolution. First came the front facing camera, then the selfie stick! We no longer have to twist our bodies into odd positions to get our full outfit or set the self timer on our digital cameras.

The selfie has come a long way, it isn’t something new. We stretched out our arms and hoped that the picture would develop the way we wanted on our disposable camera. We scanned them into our computers to post them online. Myspace and digital cameras had us taking pictures of ourselves and commenting “pc4pc?” under other people’s pictures in order to get more likes.

Some view the selfie in a negative light. They call it self-absorbed and narcissistic. They say we’re showing too much cleavage, or judge for only showing half your face, or hate how many pictures we take of ourselves in general.

I say, just let me selfie.

In a world where everyone is always telling me I’m too fat or too skinny. That my butt isn’t big enough or my lips are too small. That my contour doesn’t look right or my hair is gross. Where everyone strives to be as pretty as the women in magazines and are struggling to love themselves – let me take a selfie.

Let me feel good for one solid moment. Let me throw on a filter and ask for likes on Instagram. Let me feel skinny, pretty, and perfect. Stop telling me I’m a slut or an attention whore or desperate just because I put pictures of myself on the internet.

No one is good enough anymore unless they’re photoshopped or some sort of celebrity. We’re all striving to be something else all the time and it’s exhausting. This world is filled to the brim with negativity. So, for at least a moment, let me take a selfie and be happy with myself.


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