2,000 Wordpress Followers and Q&A

I’m so excited to announce that after many months of being on my list of goals, I finally reached 2,000 followers here on WordPress!

I don’t think I thank this community enough for being such an amazing platform  that offers me different points of view, advice, and even agrees with me when I’m not sure if what I’m saying is agreeable. Thank you all so much.

To all my new and old followers, I’d love to do a little Q&A for you to get to know me better. You can always check out my about me or this old Q&A I did a while ago. But I want to give everyone the opportunity to ask any questions that might pop up when they’re reading my blog.

Please drop a question below and I will write a post in the next week with all of my answers ☺️

What Do You Want To Know About Me?

While I’m not quite sure anyone wants to know anything about me, I thought I’d give this post a shot anyway because I’m busy today and also have a bit of writer’s block.

On Monday, I want to compile a Q&A with your questions for me. You could read my about me and learn some stuff, but there is always more to know!

You can ask me my favorite color or where I went to school or how old I am or what my favorite food is. Or you can get deeper and ask me about my worst relationship or how to use online dating apps.

So, ask away! While I reserve the right to choose what I would like to answer and what I wouldn’t, I will try to answer everyone’s questions as openly and honestly as possible 🙂

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!