3k Yay! Ask Me Questions

I’m about to hit 3,000 followers on WordPress! Hello to all of you, old and new – I’m so happy you’re here! To celebrate, I’d like to do a Q&A for all of you to get to know me. I did one when I reached 2,000 followers a little over a year ago, you can read it here.

Whether it’s about how to grow your blog or instagram, relationship advice, questions for my boyfriend, or questions about me – I’m open to answer any questions to the best of my ability. Drop them here and thank you all so much for your support.



The Sunshine Blogger Award!

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/archetypefotografie/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/archetypefotografie/

I’m so honored to be nominated for an award! I love when these pop up in my reader because it really brings the blogging community together and just makes my day when someone appreciates my blog. Thanks to Alohalotte for nominating me, she’s such an amazing and supportive blogger – definitely check her out! 🙂


  • Thank the person/people who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominators.
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.
  • Like what I mentioned before, this is to spread the love and I’m doing these awards so that we’ll meet interesting bloggers. Please do check out all of the blogs I nominated and follow them if you like.


Do you prefer simple outfits or rather conspicuous colour clothing?

Definitely simple outfits.

If you could be a guy for a day, what would you like to do?

Lol I would definitely just want to figure out how all their parts work.

Christmas or New Year’s Eve?


What’s your morning routine?

I literally roll out of bed and get ready in 15 minutes. My routine changes depending on how late I woke up for work.

Long or short fingernails? What do you like more?

Long, but mine always seem to break.

If you could make one big surprise for your best friend what would you do?

I would probably buy her a midget cat.

What’s one thing you’re particular good at?

I would like to say writing.

What do you love about yourself?

I love that I’m different than most people.

Are you more the spontaneous or the organized person?

Organized, spontaneity gives me anxiety.

Who’s your fashion role model?

This is so hard! It always changes, but right now it’s probably Vanessa Hudgens or Hannabeth.

What would you wish for if you had three free wishes?

A lot of money. For all of the animals to be safe and happy. Also a lot of pets.


  1. Why do you blog?
  2. When did you start writing?
  3. What’s your favorite season and why?
  4. What’s your least favorite season and why?
  5. Name one fun fact about yourself.
  6. Do you have a nickname and what is it?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  8. 10 years ago, would you have seen yourself in the position you are in now?
  9. If you could change one thing about your past – would you?
  10. How do you feel about dating and relationships these days?
  11. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

Thanks again Alohalotte for nominating me! Here are my nominees, please check out their blogs – they deserve an award like this 🙂 I was supposed to nominate 11, but I only did 8 sorrryyyyy!

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I Don’t Know What I’m Doing And It’s Okay

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/orangegreenblue/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/orangegreenblue/

If you eliminated all the people in your life asking you questions, pressuring you, and telling you what to do – where would you be?

At one point in your life, you’re going to have to fake it until you make it. That point in your life might just be now, in your 20’s, when you literally have no idea what’s going on.

You don’t want to be living at home. You don’t know where you want to work, let alone get anyone to hire you. You thought you got everything together in your four years of college, but now you’re faced with a whole new challenge that no one prepared you for. Yeah, you knew you had to get a job and you knew you had to move home and you knew life wouldn’t be as fun – but you really didn’t expect you to hit you this hard.

People you graduated with are getting jobs and you see them announce it on Facebook. They’re posting pictures of their new apartments and awesome lives while you’re sitting on your couch binge watching another TV show and hoping your mom comes home with food.

Not even the people who look like they have it figured out actually have it figured out. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in my life who 100% has their life together. No one does, we all just keep going along with whatever is thrown at us. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing because literally no one else does either. We fake it until we make it until we kind of realize what we’re supposed to do with our life and how to get there.

So calm down, take your time, because you can do it. Just like everyone else.

Fixing Your Problems With A Relationship

In middle school, having a boyfriend was the only thing that was important. You’re in your awkward phase and just need someone to tell you you’re pretty.  You’re still forming friendships and you need someone who is a constant. Your favorite emo songs sing about heartbreak and falling in love and you want to be able to relate.  The books you read end with happiness and holding hands and you want to hold hands too. The reality shows on television show so much drama, but love always prevails and you want to prevail, too.

We never grow out of that middle school self.

We still need to be told we’re pretty, friends still come and go, we sing the songs at pregames, read the books on casual evenings, and watch the reality tv on hungover afternoons.

We saw it as a problem solver – being in a relationship guarantees that someone will be there for you at all times no matter what.  It’s hard to rely on anyone else, that’s what having a boyfriend or girlfriend is for.

As more problems occur in your adult life, you become more and more convinced that not having anyone to love you is the number one problem.  Failing your classes because you have no one to study with.  Not getting a job because you have no one to push you. Getting too drunk because you had no one to stay in with.

It all connects to not having a person.

If you think a relationship will fix your problems, you’re very off base.  Sure, it will soften some of the blows that life throws at you, but a relationship is just a temporary fix.

Find friends that will stay by your side. Mend relations with your family so you can always fall back on them. Most importantly, be able to rely on yourself. Push yourself and monitor yourself – because despite what you may think, no one will ever know you as well as you know yourself.  Be your own driving force.

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gemmabou/
Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gemmabou/

“I Don’t Know” Isn’t An Answer

I want to start living a more definite life.

I don’t know’s, maybe’s, possibly’s and eventually’s just aren’t cutting it anymore. The questions that come up in life can’t be answered with an “I don’t know.”  That is our way of avoiding the question and putting off making an actual decision.

My ex used to answer most of my questions with an “I don’t know.”  It started as him saying no to me about going to a party with me or coming to a dinner he couldn’t attend.  When I would explain (or throw a fit) about how important the event was to me, he would say “I don’t know” or “I’ll let you know” instead of saying no to me again.  The answer always ended up being no, but he didn’t want to make me unhappy.  It inevitably ended up with me asking if our relationship was over and he would respond “I don’t know.”  This left me clinging on to something I thought was alive, but he knew was dead.

We’re afraid of hurting people, making the wrong choice, and just in general screwing up our lives.  Because of this fear, we leave everything up in the air until we’re forced to deal with it.

I became really unsure of my feelings throughout college and dealt with many things with an “I don’t know.” Did I want to hang out with a boy this weekend? I don’t know (because I don’t know if I’ll have met someone else by then). Do you want to be in a relationship? I don’t know right now (because you clearly aren’t the one).

I left a lot of people hanging and left myself hanging. I don’t want to live my life by avoiding my issues and not addressing my problems.  I don’t want to put things off until later and feel so much anxiety when I reach that point.  It’s a “yes” or it’s a “no” – I don’t know isn’t an answer anymore.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brandoncwarren/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brandoncwarren/