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Once you’re in your twenty-somethings, it’s impossible not to talk about work. Here are some of my best work blog posts, hope they offer you some kind of help or hope that you’re not the only one struggling!

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A Guide To Quitting Your First Job

  1. Make sure you have another job lined up

I know it’s really hard to search for another job when you’re at your current job. The time off, the interviews, the hours it takes to send in applications. But it’s absolutely necessary for your future employer and yourself to have a job lined up before quitting.

2. Your new job should be a step forward

Your first job is most likely the first thing you could grab out of college. It may not have been the best, but at least it provides you some security. Stay at it until you find a job that is a better career move.

3. Wait at least 6 months, even better if you wait a year

Unless there are some specific circumstances, like harassment, illness, etc. you should wait at least 6 months to quit your first job. Even then it should be under specific circumstances like not being able to live off your pay. If you can wait a year, you should, but if a better opportunity comes up you have to take it.

4. Sign all the paperwork before your resignation

It’s very exciting to get a new job and you probably want to leave your old one right away, but make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s before saying goodbye.

5. Remember to be appreciative

You probably don’t like where you work anymore, but stay appreciative of the opportunity they gave you. Let any negativity go out the window and be grateful.

6. Giving your two weeks won’t be as bad as you think

It’s awkward, yes. But most people will understand and will be happy for you – especially at your first job! If they aren’t, it’s a good thing you’re leaving.

7. Keep the effort up in your last two weeks

It’s soooo hard to stay focused, but do your best to finish up projects and be helpful before you go.

8. Offer to help find a replacement

Tell your employer what you think your job responsibilities really are and who would be a great fit.

9. Leave a card

A handwritten thank you goes a long way and is a great thing to leave behind.

10. End on a high note and keep in touch

Even when you leave a job, you’re never leaving it for good. You’ve made friends and will need references so there will always be some kind of tie to you and the company.

If you have any tips or stories about quitting your first job, leave them below 🙂

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