I Don’t Read Reviews

My favorite band released their fifth album over a week ago and I was extremely excited because they put a lot of time in between each album so the anticipation was real. They have been on the verge of breaking up for years now, so every time they release something or go on tour I am the most excited human in the world.

I saw a lot of people post statuses about the album, I saw famous musicians tweet about it, but I never really read deeply into them because it just doesn’t matter to me. I don’t really care what you think about the album, because I love it. And I don’t need someone dumping negativity all over something I love.

I don’t really trust music or movie reviews because it just comes down to the simple fact that we all have certain emotions that are attached to these things and it gets touchy when other people insert their opinions. It’s almost like politics. I feel very strongly about my favorite band, just as I feel very strongly about certain political stances to the point where no matter how much we argue, you won’t be changing my mind.

We all watched the new Taylor Swift music video and song, some people passionately loved it and some people passionately hated it. But I’m not going to dump all over something you feel strongly about – I don’t really write reviews or read them for this reason.

And I feel like this could be adapted into most things in my life. To form my own opinion before listening to others.

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/takasuii/