The Hookup On: Flossolution

I’m about to get pretty real here. After I graduated college, I went to the dentist and found out I had 7 cavities and my teeth were in pretty bad shape thanks to the college lifestyle and an old dentist who wasn’t treating me properly.

Ever since then, I brush my teeth twice a day, floss every day, and use mouth wash every day to protect my gums.

My teeth have always been an area of concern for me. I had the works of dentistry done to me when I was little – including getting a wrong tooth pulled, braces with lots of rubber bands, and more.

I recently got to try the Flossolution Mini and I think my dentist is going to be very happy with me. I floss every day, but let’s face it – I’m lazy. I don’t reach back far enough or wiggle around enough. This little tool is fast and painless and makes flossing so easy! It even comes with a little suction cup so you can attach it to your mirror and always remember to floss! They’re bogo right now at

I’m trying to avoid the traumatic dentistry experience of my childhood by taking care of my teeth now. It seems so silly to have to stress it, but trust me start taking care of yourself so you don’t have to regret it later.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Breaking Up Because I’m Happy

Confused? I think a lot of people in our generation are.  I’m not going to start talking about how I’m 100% clear on what relationships should be like and how we should live our lives.  For the most part, I have no idea.  I can only dictate how I’m feeling and go off of that.

A lot of relationships end because one person is unhappy.  They’ve gotten bored, you make them angry, neither of you puts in as much effort anymore, etc. etc.

Realistically, though, most relationships end because one person is happier.  They just know that they’re happier alone.

You’ve been fighting a lot, spending too much time together, growing apart, and all of the other million reasons people our age break up.  When those stages of break up are occurring, it’s really not that your boyfriend or girlfriend is unhappy with you – they’re just happier alone.

Throughout some of my break ups, the guys I date will say that they didn’t know I wasn’t happy.  That’s because I was always happy, and for some time you were supplementing that happiness.  That stage of the relationship was great!  I enjoyed rocking out in the car with you, grabbing food with you, and making you give me piggy backs in my driveway.  Without a doubt, those things put a smile on my face. Right now, though, you’re just decreasing that happiness. I like to rock out in my car by myself, I like to eat what I want when I want, and I’m still lazy enough to want piggyback rides, but I don’t want all of the strings attached.

I’m happier alone than with you.  That’s not your fault and it’s not my fault, it’s just that some people aren’t meant to be together and you shouldn’t sacrifice living your life in the best way possible for that.

Find someone who will ALWAYS be supplementing your happiness, or be happy alone.

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