Quick Trip To The Dominican Republic

A few weeks ago I prompted my Instagram followers with this question: is there a difference between a trip and a vacation?

The answer is 100% yes. My boyfriend and I have taken a lot of trips together. Trips that have tight time frames where we spend every day doing something and learning something.

But we just got back from a short vacation to the Dominican Republic and the difference is so clear. We did nothing and it was amazing.

We got to our hotel (VH Atmosphere) around 4 pm on Sunday, relaxed in the room, took a walk, headed to dinner and then went to bed early!

We woke up the next day without any alarms. Sat down for a coffee then some breakfast. Then we spent the entire day (getting kind of burned) by the pool. My boyfriend played in a darts tournament. And we read and talked and just relaxed. We ended the night with a great dinner.

We even made some time for the gym on Sunday after a day spent at the beach and pool.

While I know the Dominican Republic has much more to offer than the resort life – this was basically only a 2 day trip and we just used it as an excuse to relax. For once we feel good coming back from traveling and we’re happy to be home!

Spring Bucket List

I am sooo ready for spring. We are ready for warmer weather and to really start exploring our state! We know from our weekend trip to New Hampshire last year that there are so many beautiful towns and hiking trails – now we just need a little sunshine to get started 🙂

  1. Change my hair
  2. Read 5 books
  3. Learn guitar (three seasons later, still trying to do this)
  4. Visit home
  5. Turn 26
  6. Go on vacation
  7. Hike 2 new locations
  8. Visit Littleton, NH!
  9. Add more plants to my office
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go to a concert
  12. Make a local friend
  13. Go to the beach at least once
  14. Eat vegan once a week
  15. Go to the gym twice a week
  16. Put more money into savings
  17. Make a spring/summer wreath
  18. Intentionally watch at least 3 sunsets
  19. Go on a weekend trip out of state

What’s one thing you want to do this spring?

Running Into Your Ex: Spring Break Edition

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisgold/
Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisgold/

Listen, you survived Winter Break and that was a month long – so Spring Break will be a breeze!

If you’re going home this Spring Break (instead of on an alcohol-driven beach trip) first of all, I’m sorry.  That sucks. Besides that, you have the potential to run into your ex from your hometown. Which also sucks.

In my hometown, there are two places you want to avoid if you don’t want to run into anyone you went to high school with/ dated/ hate/ etc.  Oddly enough, these two places are the bank and the grocery store. So if I have any active advice, don’t go to these two places.

Besides that basically useless advice (because everyone needs to run errands when they’re home) here are some things to keep in mind:

You’re over it!  You’ve been having the time of your life at school and haven’t even thought about the dumb ass girl/guy that broke your heart! Just because you ran into them at McDonald’s and they recently got a hair cut that makes them pretty attractive, doesn’t mean they’re not the same dumb ass.

Keep calm! If you do run into them, be casual.  Don’t open up a conversation that will keep you up at night.  Say your hello’s and then say your goodbye’s.

Don’t worry! You’ll be back at school in no time. Dress as if at any moment you’ll be running into your ex and you’ll be fine.

Have a great Spring Break and be safe!

Spring Break Expectations

photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriswaits/
photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/chriswaits/

We made it to the middle of the semester to one of the most hyped up weeks of the year.  Spring Break. You’re about to take your midterms, hand in your papers, and attempt to pick up all of the slack you’ve been ignoring since day one.  Meanwhile, all you can think about is St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, and weather that doesn’t make you want to roll up like a burrito in your bed. I know just what you’re thinking:

1. You’ll be bathing-suit ready in the week

Maybe… but the more you’re telling yourself that probably means the less amount of days you’ve actually gone to the gym or stuck to your diet. Truth is, it’s mid-March and we’re all pale and have gained a love-hate relationship with our winter fat layer brought on by too many margaritas at the bar and cheap beer chugged in a frat basement. Embrace it.

2. I’ll never want to go back to school after Spring Break!

Seven straight days of binge drinking is going to make you very grateful that some days you have responsibilities that don’t allow you to drink the night before. You’ll miss school.

3. I’m definitely going to meet the love of my life over Spring Break!

One of the most exciting things about Spring Break is all of the people you’re going to meet. Kids from all over the country rush to places like PCB and Cancun over their breaks. But, to think that you’re going to meet someone you’ll actually speak to after break ends is saying that you’re actually going to remember meeting that person the next day…slightly unlikely.

4. Non-stop drinking and partying!

No, you’re going to need a break from your Spring Break. Even if you’re taking a couple of sober hours just laying on the beach and drinking water, you’re going to want to do something that’s going to help you avoid a two-day hangover and ruin your trip.

5. I’m going to be soooo tan!

Maybe! If you’re ever sober enough to remember to apply sunscreen! Otherwise you might turn into a bright red lobster, or you might not leave the covered bar long enough to get some sunshine.

Enjoy your Spring Break! You only get one per year of college to be unbelievably reckless before it’s frowned upon.