How I Budget

I’m not really a finance person at all, but when I first moved into my parents house I realized I had to save and fast to be able to move out on my own.

I’m not a budgeting expert, but I do use a budget sheet to help me mind my finances. I track my bank account starting point, what I get in each paycheck, and what I pay for bills each month. Those things I have to pay regularly so I track it to know what amount I know I have to have each month.

Then I track my extra expenses for a few months just to get a good idea of what I’m spending on gas, shopping, trips, gifts, and going out to eat. This way I can see where I need to take a step back. I estimate what I’ll spend at the beginning of each month so I can actually budget for it, but then I track what I actually spent to keep it in mind for next month.

Lastly, I end each sheet with the ending balance and decide how much I can put into savings. I make short and long-term life goals that have to do with saving, working out, etc.

I print this sheet out every month and write on it because to me writing on it helps me remember. I keep it in my planner for those of you who are also crazy about scheduling. I posted my budget sheet on my Instagram so I thought I’d make it available here for download – it’s only a jpg so it can’t be typed on, but you print it out and write on it or use it as a jumping off point to make your own sheet on word! Let me know in the comments if you budget.

Download the budget sheet here!


My Millennial Work Ethic

The stereotypical millennial is lazy, entitled, ruining relationships, and most of the things that were built for us. This stereotype mostly comes from the fact that we do things differently than our parents.

I went to college, got an internship when I graduated, got a job then got a better job. Not exactly what I call lazy. I started paying off my stereotypical millennial student loans and immersed myself into the 9-5 culture.

And it’s not easy for me. It’s not easy to work 5 out of the 7 days a week, to work for most of your life, to make your job your (basically) number one priority. It’s not easy for me to wake up early in the morning then work nonstop until it’s time to go. You don’t go at your own pace, there is a schedule and rules and you are supposed to follow them.

So in some ways, I’m the stereotypical millennial who wants to make their own schedule and work from my bed. Is it realistic? No, but a girl can dream!

Just because we dream, doesn’t mean we’re lazy. And it doesn’t mean all of us have the same dream. I know many people who thrive in a pressured 9-5 environment, but I’m just a stereotypical millennial when it comes to this!

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