The Hookup On: Old Posts & Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I am traveling this week and unable to post a lot, so I thought I’d link back to some old posts I still love for you to check out while I’m gone! 🙂 If you have a post you want to share, feel free to drop it in the comments!

  1. 5 Little Reasons To Be Thankful
  2. 5 Ways To Help Others This Season
  3. The Importance Of Self Care
  4. Travel Realistically In Your 20’s
  5. I Want To Be Alone But I Don’t Want To Be Alone
  6. Getting Hurt Vs. Hurting Someone

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who are on WordPress today –

Happy Thanksgiving! I am forever grateful for anyone who is reading this right now or for anyone who has read my blog ever.

I have changed and grown over the past two years, much of which I was able to cope with because of this community. Because sometimes I complained about boys and you guys related. Because sometimes I was completely lost and you guys gave me advice. Because sometimes I reached awesome goals and you guys congratulated me.

I am thankful for all of you and hope you have the best Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!




The Hookup On: The Perfect Watch!

It’s already November, seriously where did the time go? Did October even happen?

Before you know it, it will be Christmas. Yes, I’m skipping right over Thanksgiving because I swear Christmas will be here any minute!! That means gift buying, holiday stress, and lots of cookies.

I’m here to tell you about this AMAZING watch I received and how you can get $20 off your purchase of one. These unique watches are seriously perfect for men or women, and you just can’t beat a good deal when the watch looks this good.

While we’re thinking about Christmas and stressing over buying presents, remember that everyone loves a good watch. One that you can dress up or dress down. One that is classic and goes with every occasion. Your dad, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, brother and ANYONE ELSE you can think of would appreciate this watch!

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10 Reasons Why Fall Is Awesome

Although summer is without a doubt my favorite season, fall has its perks too! We all need a little reminder sometimes, when the temperatures drop and the free time disappears, that fall can be just as great as summer 🙂 Here are 10 reasons why fall is so awesome:

  1. Mallomars
    Enough said
  2. Nicer weather
    I’m always cold, but fall has a nice inbetween of too hot and too cold
  3. Bulking season
    Okay, this isn’t really a thing for me but I don’t have to wear a bikini anymore so let’s just call the massive amounts of food I’m about to eat bulking season
  4. Less frequent leg shaving
    I’m wearing pants, guys, I’m not shaving my legs every three days anymore.
  5. Comfort food
    Pumpkin everything, richer and yummier foods!
  6. Halloween
    My favorite holiday 🙂
  7. Thanksgiving
    Once again…food.
  8. Fall clothes
    Beanies are actually the best thing for bad hair days and flannels couldn’t be more comfortable.
  9. Fall activities
    Apple picking, hay rides, and pumpkin carving all make for great Instagrams
  10. Cuddle weather
    It’s cuffing season!! Find yourself a significant other and commence the cuddling.
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10 Reasons Why Christmas Is Annoying

1.The Christmas freaks

Do not play Christmas songs in October and hang your lights up in November when the holiday is in December!!

2. Snow

And cold weather. THE WORST.

3. Too much food.

Like Christmas time is just a month of getting fat. At least on Thanksgiving it’s only for a day.

4. Greed

Basically we all demand presents for no reason.

5. Shopping

I hate shopping in general. There are so many people at the malls and it’s so stressful.

6. The exclusivity

It’s like the only holiday that matters apparently…

7. The music

Idk there are only like 3 Christmas songs I can name that don’t suck.

8. Too much family time

Spending time with family is nice…for a little while…

9. Taking down the decorations

They’re everywhere!! And then you have to take the lights down in the cold and snow!! ugh.

10. When it’s over

All the holly jolly goes away and we all go back to being mean to each other because we’re not in the “Christmas spirit” anymore.

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5 Little Reasons To Be Thankful

Even in the darkest times, there is one small thing to be grateful for. Even if it’s just because you’re breathing today. Even if it’s just because you know your mom has dinner waiting for you. Every day you can find tiny things to be thankful for that will make your day better as a whole. Here are some little things to be thankful for and to remember this Thanksgiving.

1. Your job

Even if you hate it, it’s giving you a way to live and could potentially be opening doors for you in the future.

2. Your family

Whoever you consider your family to be, whether it’s your best friends or blood relatives – they’re always by your side.

3. Your pets!

(If you don’t have a pet, I’m sorry) but from goldfish to ferrets to dogs and cats – these animals are always so excited to have you home.

4. You’re breathing

Yeah, our health can get real sucky sometimes. But we’re here and that’s all that matters for now.

5. The opportunity to learn

Whether you’re in school or just googling questions to gain some knowledge – the opportunity to learn is always at our fingertips.

And while there are many things I could say I’m thankful for, these top 5 are humble reminders to not live with such high expectations that we always consider life a disappointment.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Love Halloween

It may sound weird to you, but Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Here’s why:

1.You can be whatever you want

It’s the one day a year you can dress up as someone else, forget about who you are for a while, and not be judged for it.

2. It’s a holiday for all ages

When Christmas comes around, I don’t have butterflies in my stomach anymore while waiting for Santa. I may not be Trick or Treating anymore, but I’m still dressing up for Halloween!

3. There are countless fun fall activities leading up to Halloween.

Pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, apple picking, jumping in piles of leaves, etc. So. much. fun.

4. It’s a kick off to the best holidays of the year!

First you’re celebrating Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are around the corner.

5. Halloween movies are the best movies.

13 Nights of Halloween > 25 Days of Christmas.

6. Halloween has a different vibe than any other holiday.

It’s scary! There’s no forced family time and the pressure to be filled with the heartwarming holiday spirit. It’s goofy, odd, and enjoyable – no pressure.

7. Candy.

Enough said.

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