DON’T Hate on Valentine’s Day

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It’s easy to get into a funk around Valentine’s Day when you’re single.  Everyone else is getting presents, love, awesome dinners. And if you’re lucky, your mom sent you a care package with a gift card and candy (which is still pretty clutch) but you’re still really single.

Really, it’s just a day that’s going to suck.  But, if you follow these don’ts you’ll have the best single gal/guy Valentine’s Day there could possibly be!

DON’T make people in a relationship feel bad just because you’re single. Eventually, you’ll find someone who will make you as happy as they are and you don’t want anyone to bring you down just for being love on February 14th.

DON’T get black-out wasted and cry.  By all means, if you want to get super drunk then do it.  But, do it with people who love you and are there to build you up rather than break you down. Dance, buy drinks, smile, and be happy on Valentine’s Day!

DON’T binge eat.  Once again, treat yo self! If you want to order a pizza or go to a fancy meal – then do it!  Avoid ordering everything on the Domino’s menu, eating it all, then regretting how full/fat you feel and ultimately how much money you just spent on food you really didn’t want or need.

DON’T forget to love yourself!  Just because you don’t have a significant other, doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself.  Do something that makes you realize how good you feel about yourself. Go shopping, go to the gym, get your nails or hair done, kick back and watch your favorite movie.  Loving yourself in general is the most important aspect to having someone love you.

DON’T get upset that you don’t get presents.  Instead, give presents! Buy some goodies or flowers for your closest friends.  They’ll appreciate it, single or not!  It will make you feel good to make other people happy and ultimately, it will make you happy.

DO enjoy your Valentine’s Day – alone or with someone – it’s just a day to realize how loved you really are! 🙂

Break the Valentine’s Day Mold

We all know the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.  Flowers, a box of chocolates, and maybe a card.  There’s no doubt in my mind that any girl would be happy to have a bouquet of sunflowers or any guy would be stoked to get a gift card to a steakhouse, but if there is any day to step outside the box it’s Valentine’s Day.  You can buy flowers for five bucks any day (and trust me you should probably take advantage of that!) So here’s a couple ideas of what guys and gals would love to see from their significant other:

For the girl in your life:

1. Ditch the gifts:

You don’t need to necessarily go from store to store looking for some amazing and costly gift that your girlfriend probably won’t even like but will pretend to like.  Choose something you can both do together and spend your money on something productive. Go out to a fancy dinner, movie (50 Shades of Grey!), ice skating, a concert, or anything you can enjoy together!  She’ll appreciate it more than the over-priced hat some sales lady sold you.

2. Do-it-yourself

Okay, I’m not telling you to knit a sweater or modpodge a huge paper-mache heart, but a little thought into your present goes a long way!  Try printing out pictures and making a scrapbook (it’s not as hard as it seems!) If crafting is in no way, shape, or form your thing try making dinner.  Try your hand at her favorite meal and if that just doesn’t seem to work out, order her favorite pizza!  The price of a gift doesn’t have to be high to be meaningful.

3. The traditional present route, but modified

If you’re willing to spend the money and actually know what she likes, buy the gift! Whether it’s a Michael Khors bag or ice cream – only go the gift route if you’re 100% confident in your purchase.

4. When in doubt: Food and Wine.

You literally can’t go wrong.

For the guy in your life:

1. Ditch the gifts

Guys aren’t all about the stereotypical Valentine’s Day presents. Tickets to a sports game, concert, or anything you can do AND enjoy together will be your best option.  Even if you don’t enjoy the same sports, you could spoil him with a pair of tickets.  Going out to a fancy dinner and movie together is also an option, as long as you both are enjoying each other’s company and spending as much as you feel comfortable with.

2. Alcohol

Instead of flowers, you can make a bouquet of airplane bottles!  If you’re not trying to get that creative, an expensive bottle of your boyfriend’s favorite alcohol is guaranteed to make him happy.  Craft beers and “Beer of the month” clubs are also a great gift for the man in your life.

3. Spice it up

(So, this may be a little R-rated).  But sometimes the thing that makes your boyfriend the happiest isn’t something that you can buy! You could go out and buy cute lingerie, but the truth is you are probably enough. Spice it up in the bedroom! He’ll love that gift just as much as a teddy bear and chocolates.

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Valentine’s Day Craze

You can basically walk into any store right now and see a variety of Valentine’s Day candies and presents.  I knew it was coming, the day of in-your-face-love, but I wasn’t expecting so many people to be going along with the craze.

The main winter holidays have ended (Christmas/New Years).  I was under the impression that with the ending of the holidays, came the end of cuffing season.  Those who went FBO would quietly change their statuses back to single and those in-it-for-the-long-haul couples would stay in their relationships and celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

I was so wrong. Cuffing season has only just begun as Valentine’s Day sneaks its way into the winter holidays.  Everywhere you look, people are deciding that it is time to be official.  Maybe it’s because all of their friends took the leap in December, maybe it’s because February 14th is quickly approaching and being alone would just suck.

Enjoy the season and congrats to all the new couples!  Love is in the air – stay tuned for many more Valentine’s Day articles (written by someone maybe, sorta, bitterly single.)

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