My Trip To Montreal!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I took the 7 hour drive up through the border to Montreal. Last year, I did the same thing but went to Toronto. Both times were for an early birthday celebration and both times didn’t disappoint!

We were sort of in Montreal during the off season, so some places weren’t serving brunch yet and the Olympic Tower was closed. But the city was beautiful and there were still plenty of things to do!

Things we did:

  1. Mount Royal – ummmmmm no one told me this was a legitimate uphill hike so we attempted it the first day and then just drove to the top on the last day because I was not having it lol. The view of the city from the top is totally worth it though.
  2. Olympic Park and the Biodome – the park was kind of empty and creepy, but I had never been to a biodome before and thought it was awesome.
  3. Bonseccours Market – didn’t think this was super impressive, just an indoor market.
  4. Visited the Port – which is in the coolest and most European looking part of the city, the views were beautiful!
  5. Notre Dame Basilica – very beautiful! One of the coolest things about Montreal is that there will be an amazing cathedral and sky scraper next to each other.
  6. Underground city – which is just a mall really.

Places we ate (I would recommend all of them!):

  1. Thursday’s
  2. Deville Diner – omg the food and drinks here are amazing
  3. Allo Mon Coco
  4. 3 Amigos
  5. Tim Horton’s for coffee and a donut because duh!
  6. Le Bistro Magasin General du VIeux-Montreal – yummiest brunch and cronuts!!

Tours we went on:

  1. We went on a very low key bar crawl, but met some awesome people and had a great time: click here for the tour.

Where we stayed:

  1. AirBnB in downtown

Montreal was really cool because you could get every aspect of a city. There’s a Times Square/shopping NYC feel on St. Catherine’s Street, a Central Park kind of feel on Mont Royal, and then you can be transported into Rome where there are cobble stone streets and bistros on every corner!

Seriously, you can see an amazing sky scraper and right next door will be a historic cathedral. It’s amazing!

The primary language is French, but everyone speaks English. And money-wise, using my American credit card was the best bet but we had some American money and Canadian money in our pockets just in case. Montreal was a great little getaway, I would highly recommend going if you are looking for a little bit of history, fun, Europe, Canada, and modern city all rolled into one! 🙂

My 8 Favorite Places In New Jersey

I’ve lived in New Jersey for basically my whole life. I really really hated it at one point, then learned to love its beauty. Yes, it really is beautiful for those who call it the armpit of America! Here are 8 places I love in New Jersey that you should visit if you ever get the opportunity to stop in!

  1. Grounds for Sculpture
    A large garden filled with sculptures, art, and surprises around every corner. The collections are constantly evolving. You can see me at it here.
  2. Schooley’s Mountain
    I’m not great at hiking, so a small park where I can still see waterfalls is great for me! I’ve been visiting Schooley’s Mountain since I was in high school.
  3. Jenny Jump
    I haven’t been to Jenny Jump in a while, but from the top of this little mountain you can see a lot of New Jersey. It’s very peaceful.
  4. Sea Isle City
    Everyone in New Jersey has their preferred shore town, mine is Sea Isle City. You ca catch me here most summers.
  5. Collingswood
    I’m weirdly obsessed with South Jersey and Collingswood epitomizes that for me. Check out the Pop Shop if you ever want some reallyyy good food.
  6. Asbury Park
    Asbury Park is like magical to me. I didn’t even discover it until this year, but the murals and the boardwalk are just so special and artsy.
  7. Rowan University
    This is where I went to college! Rowan is a home for me.
  8. Viaducts
    So, it’s illegal to go here and I dropped a picture of it below. The viaducts are a Weird NJ spot, it is tunnels and tunnels of graffiti and it’s amazing!

Have you ever been to New Jersey? Would love to hear your thoughts and favorite places in the comments 🙂


To Those Who Want To Travel, But Don’t Do It

At work and in life, I often hear people asked the question “what do you like to do in your spare time?” A LOT of people say they like to travel, but never get around to it. They list off places they’d love to go, but will never actually visit.

And I don’t think that’s the way you should live your life.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. If you truly want to travel, you should and you can. I know people who have come from nothing who have seen more of the world than people who are rolling in money. Because they have the will, they found a way, and you can too.

There will always be obstacles. No matter what stage of your life you’re in. So stopping putting it off to a time where you think traveling will be easier – it will never be easier.

Start small, visit another town. Go bigger, visit another state. Take a risk, go to another country.  Take advantage of your youth or your free time, take advantage of paid time off and vacation days. You were granted these things for a reason.

Stop going to the same boring bar every weekend with your friends and start pocketing that money for adventures. Stop buying lunch every single day when it’s so much cheaper to bring something from home. Do the little things that will add up in a big way. Eventually you will get enough money to get where you want to go.

If you want to travel, but don’t, I can guarantee you’re missing out. I can promise you that you will regret not seeing the things you want to see or going the places you want to go. Fulfill your desires, stop saying you can’t. Stop with the excuses. If you want to travel, then just go.

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Nashville Advice Needed!

Hey guys!

This weekend I’ll be heading out to Nashville with a couple of my friends for the long weekend 🙂 We are getting into the nitty and gritty and my not so favorite part of vacation – the planning. So I thought I’d reach out for advice from anyone who has been to Nashville or even lives in the area!

My friends and I are mostly looking to eat a lot of good food (I’m a vegetarian but not all places need to be strictly vegetarian) and go to fun bars! We’ll also probably do some touristy stuff. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

If you have any tips and tricks of what to avoid, best ways to get around, and what I should expect – please leave a comment on that too. Feel free to even drop a link if you’ve written a post on Nashville before!

Thanks to everyone who has commented and thanks in advance for any more advice!


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Places I Want To Visit

I have this very unorganized list in my planner of places I want to go, so I figured I’d write it all down here. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite place to visit 🙂

        1. Toronto
        2. Portland
        3. Seattle
        4. Niagara Falls
        5. Nashville (I’m going in September!)
        6. Mt. Rushmore
        7. Washington DC (Hopefully going by the end of summer!)
        8. Austin
        9. San Francisco
        10. Boston
        11. Boulder
        12. Ireland
        13. Australia
        14. Alaska
        15. Disney World
        16. Aruba
        17. Arkansas
        18. Mexico
        19. Mall of America
        20. Chicago
        21. Montreal
        22. Dominican Republic
        23. Italy (But I want to go again!)
        24. Hawaii
        25. Bahamas
        26. Iceland (Going in January!)
        27. France
        28. Vancouver
        29. New Orleans
        30. Great Lakes
        31. Egypt
        32. Baltimore
        33. Charlotte
        34. Barcelona
        35. Miami
        36. Atlanta
        37. London
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