The Hookup On: Blog Posts You Missed

I have been a super busy bee lately, so I decided to link you all to some of my pretty old blog posts that you probably missed but I still love!

Check out the posts below and feel free to leave any of your favorite posts in the comments for me to check out 🙂

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10 Things I’ve Learned Working In An Office

  1. No one is ever happy with the temperature

I’m always too cold, but when I’m comfortable everyone else is too hot (see the problem?)

  1. Working people drink a lot of caffeine

Coffee before work, when you get to work, at lunch, after lunch, before the drive home, and after.

  1. At least an hour of the day is dedicated to getting caffeine and bathroom breaks

All that caffeine adds up to many bathroom breaks.

  1. Everyone is out by 5:00

At 5:01 everyone is in the parking lot making a mad dash for their cars.

  1. Office activities can get you out of work

Birthday celebrations, picnics, etc. There will always be something fun planned to take a break for.

  1. Commuting is the worst part of working full time

I always knew people suck at driving, but I learned the extent during my evening commute.

  1. Drive Carefully On Your Way To And From Work

Like one of the worst things that can happen is you accidentally cut off a coworker then have to face them in the parking lot…

  1. Everyone trickles in slowly in the morning

Some come in at 8, some 8:30, some 9, some show up late…..

  1. Eating at your desk is a very bad thing to do

You need a change of scenery, get up and go outside.

  1. Your office mates will become your family

Because of all of the above, you identify and become friends with the people in the office.  You spend most of your day with them, so you’ll always have a little office family.

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