Fall Bucket List Progress

I love fall and everything that comes with it! We have done a lot of outdoorsy things and a lot of spooky szn things. I’m just trying to soak up what’s left of fall before dreaded winter comes. I will have to be extra creative with my winter bucket list because I hate the season and I’ll be spending so much time indoors. Do you have any suggestions for my winter bucket list?

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Go pumpkin picking
  3. Watch a bunch of spooky movies
  4. Change my hair
  5. Go to a concert or show
  6. Read 10 books
  7. Learn to play guitar
  8. Visit Salem, MA
  9. Go hiking 3 times
  10. Visit somewhere with awesome foliage
  11. Go to a football game
  12. Put together a blog post of fall crockpot recipes
  13. Restart my gratitude journal
  14. Try a new restaurant
  15. Try pumpkin coffee
  16. Watch my best friend get married!!
  17. Stay on track with fitness
  18. Watch the Sabrina Netflix series
    Ended up watching the OG Sabrina 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List Progress

  1. I did rent them which I would suggest unless you decide you like it. It’s only hard depending on how you did it. The first time, we were just hiking around and didn’t walk too much uphill. The second time, it was up an entire mountain which was very rewarding but insanely hard.

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  2. You did so well! You could add a ton of movies you’ve been meaning to watch on your winter bucket list since you’ll be indoors a lot or board games you’ve wanted to try? You also forgot to cross off that you DID give us a blog post with fall crockpot recipes. 😉

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