How An Introvert Flirts

Introvert (noun): Introverts tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings and minimize their contact with other people.

It’s not always easy to spot an introvert, because every once in a while they poke their heads from their shells and rejoin society.  They act like going out in a crowd of people is a good time and that they always enjoy outings to the bar or a concert when really they only need social interaction like that once or twice a month.

Introverts date, flirt, converse, etc. differently than most people.

One reason for this is because introverts don’t really mind being alone. They appreciate their own thoughts and pick apart their emotions. If you were to date an introvert, giving them their alone time is key. Of course they want to spend time with you – mostly just chilling on the couch watching a movie or taking a walk in the park alone – but they also need time to digest their own feelings and self.

The way an introvert flirts is entirely different from an extrovert.  Everything is subtle – for instance, an introvert will choose to glance and smile rather than come up to you with a big hello.  They will also choose to get to know you over social media or texting, because it is easier to get comfortable with each other before meeting face to face.  Introverts would LOVE having someone nearby that they are close with on a first date, just to squash any awkwardness.

Eventually, your introvert will not be so introverted at all. They just take more time than the average person to display all of their emotions and thoughts.

Disclaimer: this is coming from only one perspective from an introvert, may not apply to all people.

20 thoughts on “How An Introvert Flirts

  1. I’m an introvert and I can relate to a lot of this. No matter how much I love my friends or how much fun I had spending the day with them, I need at least an hour a day of alone time just to recharge my brain space. I’ve had busy weeks, weeks where I’ve been extremely social, and by the end of it I’m so drained I almost look forward to going to work just so I can hit the reset button. So its the same with relationships. We can have quiet time together and that’ll be good, but until I get 100% alone time (as in no one in the room at all) I can’t FULLY relax. It’s unfortunate, but just something that I’ve come to understand about myself over the years.

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    1. I’m glad you can relate! I think a lot of people don’t understand that just because I want to be alone doesn’t mean I don’t want to enjoy your company. Me time is just very important and without it I get so stressed out.

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  2. My idea of a good evening out is a drink and/or a meal with one or two good friends. I have never liked crowds. I enjoy time alone to think, write and walk in the park. However I appreciate the company of close friends. Not sure if that makes me an introvert! Kevin

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