Need Tips For Egypt!

I am headed to Egypt next week and I am SO excited.  I’ve read a few blog posts about the area and we’ll be on tours most of the time, but if anyone here has been to Egypt or can refer me to some good blog posts I will be so thankful!

I’ll be dressing modestly and will be careful of my surroundings. I also don’t think I will be riding any camels due to the overall treatment of the animals. But any other tips about the culture or just things I should really know would be great. Any restaurant suggestions, local shops, etc. I’m just open to any suggestions! 🙂 We will be in Cairo for most of the time.

Thanks in advance for any help! xoxo

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Why I Want To Visit Sicily

I visited Italy when I was 16, it seems so long ago now. I’ve put it back on my list of places to go because I think it’s hard to appreciate culture and history when you’re young. At least it was for me. When we were there, we saw Rome and Pompeii, but I was really hoping to see Sicily. I’m half Italian and apparently half of that is Roman and the other half is Sicilian. Visiting the place my family originated from would be incredible.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is known for having a rich and unique culture, especially in the arts, music, literature, cuisine, and architecture. The richness of the Sicilian territory in terms of history, art, nature and traditions seems unmatched. It has been ruled by many different oppressors from a wide variety of countries in the past.

Italy itself is known for amazing food, art, culture, and history – but to be surrounded by sparkling water on the island of Sicily just seems like a whole new adventure!

There are so many amazing places to explore in Sicily. I was really inspired to visit after seeing this infographic of the sights to see. Places like:

  1. Ancient Theatre of Taormina
    An open air museum, Greek theater that has been renovated to fit Roman style. It is located in a town often referred to as the “pearl of the Mediterannean.”
  2. Etna Park
    Beautiful trails and views that surround one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe.
  3. Valley of Temples
    This is a fascinating Greek sit that expores the incredible history of the Hellenic Civilization.
  4. Scala Dei Turchi
    A beautiful white-rocked cliff looking over the turquoise sea.
  5. Zingaro Natural Reserve
    A paradise for nature lovers, you can see so many different shades of blue in the ocean here.

Sicily is a beautiful island and easy to get to if you’re making a trip to Italy. You can easily take a ferry to any of the locations above. I didn’t know about all of the historical views Sicily had to offer. I was also surprised to learn that Sicily hosts one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe!

Sicily seems like a dream, but I’m hoping to make that dream a reality some day by hopping on a ferry and visiting those beautiful places. Do you want to visit Sicily?


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The Hookup On: Podcasts

Podcasts are a thing now. As someone who is obsessed with staying on trend in the social media world, I should probably be more into podcasts. Currently the only one I listen to is Live from the Middle Urinal (you can find their Facebook here). Because it’s funny and light and I have a hard time paying attention to things that aren’t visual and they do a pretty good job at making it easy to pay attention.

Matt, Dom, and Phil just recently released a podcast (Episode 17) featuring a female guest. They touch on girl vs boy topics and cover the different opinions of dating/relationships/porn/sex/etc. It’s hilarious. So check it out here if you have iTunes or here on podbean.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think about the show and podcasts in general below! Live from the Middle Urinal is a little explicit, just a warning 🙂


Places I Want To Visit

I have this very unorganized list in my planner of places I want to go, so I figured I’d write it all down here. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite place to visit 🙂

        1. Toronto
        2. Portland
        3. Seattle
        4. Niagara Falls
        5. Nashville (I’m going in September!)
        6. Mt. Rushmore
        7. Washington DC (Hopefully going by the end of summer!)
        8. Austin
        9. San Francisco
        10. Boston
        11. Boulder
        12. Ireland
        13. Australia
        14. Alaska
        15. Disney World
        16. Aruba
        17. Arkansas
        18. Mexico
        19. Mall of America
        20. Chicago
        21. Montreal
        22. Dominican Republic
        23. Italy (But I want to go again!)
        24. Hawaii
        25. Bahamas
        26. Iceland (Going in January!)
        27. France
        28. Vancouver
        29. New Orleans
        30. Great Lakes
        31. Egypt
        32. Baltimore
        33. Charlotte
        34. Barcelona
        35. Miami
        36. Atlanta
        37. London
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Stop Expecting So Much From Others

I have seen countless tweets/facebook statuses and heard tons of rants on people’s manners. Complaints about how someone didn’t say thank you after they opened the door for them or how people don’t answer “how are you” at the cash register.

I’m all for people using their manners, saying please and thank you, respecting each other – but there would be a whole lot less of complaints if you just stopped expecting so much from others. Be more concerned with what you expect from yourself than what you expect from others.

Don’t hold the door open for someone just so they say thank you, don’t ask how someone is with little or no care for how they really are. Be polite, always be polite, but don’t expect someone to always return the favor. Be happy that you did something nice and then shrug it off.

Because in all honesty – how can you really judge someone? Can you honestly recall your past and know that you’ve answered EVERY how are you and said thank you EVERY time someone held the door open for you? You were never on your phone or sidetracked or having a bad day or in a rush? Can you 100% say that you’ve never been the person you’re complaining about?

If you can’t, which I expect most of us can’t, then you need to give it a break. Consider other people’s situations before you call them rude or a bitch or an asshole. Stop getting SO angry over how other people react to things. They really don’t concern you and there is no point in getting angry and making someone feel bad over circumstances you just might not understand. Sure, sometimes they’re just impolite people – but let them be on their way. A simple action of someone else should not impact you enough or ruin your day enough that you need to post a status on facebook or bash someone in a tweet.

Try being understanding, stop expecting so much from others and expect more of yourself.

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