Stop Hating Your Ex

Not right this second – but think about it.

Hate is the easiest emotion to come across when you’ve been hurt.  It’s the only way to truly feel towards someone who just crushed everything you believed in for so long.

When someone initially cheats on you, breaks up with you, or wrongs you in a relationship, then go ahead and hate them.  Tell all your friends how much of a sucky person they are.  Go ahead and tell the person that hurt you how much of a sucky person they are.  Make fun of their Instagrams, tweets, the new people they’re dating, and pick out every flaw about them to make yourself feel better.

There’s a point where this misdirected hate has to stop. The first step to moving on is forgiving and forgetting. Personally, I’m a delete someone from your life kind of gal until I forget about how much I dislike them.  This would never work if I didn’t forgive my ex and I didn’t forgive myself.

You can’t hate someone for not being happy in your relationship anymore. You can hate them for how they chose to end it, but you can only hold on to that feeling for a little while so that it does not consume you.

You can’t hate them for being happy with someone else and you can’t hate them for being who they are.  No matter how much you want to and how much better it makes you feel when you call their new girlfriend/boyfriend fat.

Stop hating your exes, start loving your life.

10 thoughts on “Stop Hating Your Ex

  1. Yes yes yes. I’m the kind of gal to just delete people out of my life instead of continuing to hate them! I love how you said “it’s the the only way to truly feels towards someone” & if you hate them or they wronged you, they don’t even deserve that from you.

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  2. Tell that to younger me, lol. My old blog posts used to consist of how I was hurt, and I had more material than all the Taylor Swift songs combined. But after decades of that, I’ve finally come to a place where I feel happy for them, and I learned it wasn’t their problem at all. It was me. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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