A Perspective Reset

Anyone else deep in the winter blues?

There’s nothing worse to me than a winter without one really good snow where you can go out and build a snowman. My dog loves it, I love it, and global warming has taken it away from us!!

Besides that, I’ve just all around have had a hard time concentrating or even enjoying things lately. I’ve leaned farrrr too in to telling myself it’s okay to relax. I’ve gone way past relaxing. I’m just a blob right now and that’s not helping anyone.

So I had a pep talk with myself the other day. I told myself it was time to start turning things around. If I wanted things to change, then I needed to change them.

Then I proceeded to have a really stressful day at work where it didn’t feel like that pep talk helped at all lol. But after I resolved those issues, I did eventually feel better.

I went out that night and did something that made me happy. I got my ass up and cleaned the house (something I’ve been putting off for weeks), and now I can feel my perspective start to shift.

It’s not always as easy as just having a talk with yourself to set things straight, trust me, I know that. But it worked for me this time, and if you’re deep in winter blues maybe it’ll work for you!

7 thoughts on “A Perspective Reset

  1. It doesn’t snow here, I’ve never experienced building a snowman, but what you say sounds like last night, and much of this weekend, for me, just being a blob. I think the reality that the awesomeness of the last few weeks wouldn’t last, and isn’t sustainable, is settling in. And I have a lot to think about in terms of how to deal with reality these days.

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