Keeping Up Traditions

My boyfriend and I are certainly two people who are always out for the next adventure – or maybe, I am and he’s just willing to be dragged along. I love to go to new places, I love to try new things. I’ve recently started getting bored so easily that I’ve had to reevaluate how to spend my weekends.

And while adventures are definitely fun, nothing makes me happier than the traditions we’ve managed to hold on to during our three years of dating. They aren’t anything expensive or exotic – but they’re ours, and I love them!

They didn’t necessarily become traditions on purpose. We didn’t set out one day and say “let’s make sure we do this every year!” But the opportunities have fallen in our laps every year, it’s something we love to do, and we make sure to set time aside to do them.

One of our traditions includes visiting a sunflower field every summer – it was in the very beginning stages of our relationship and it just stuck. You can see a photo from every year here. Another has been going apple picking then peeling and coring them for homemade apple sauce. We also always go pumpkin picking and carve them to spooky movies!

We added a new tradition last year of picking out a christmas tree with our dog in tow and decorating it together. Traditions are just as special as new adventures and I’m so excited to have someone to do them with.

Tell me about one of your traditions in the comments! I love to hear what other people find special.

19 thoughts on “Keeping Up Traditions

  1. Since Fella and I don’t have kids (or friends for that matter), we don’t usually have plans for Halloween, so we took our motorcycles out last year and it was the best. I think we’ll be turning that into a tradition for sure.

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  2. My boyfriend & I also carve pumpkins to scary movies at Halloween, we actually have an autumn run-up to Halloween and a winter run-up to Christmas. I may actually write my own blog post about this! But one of our traditions is that we live near the seaside and they have a special ice cream here, Rossi’s, and we always get a summer Rossi’s and sit on the same set of steps looking over the water (it was one of our very first dates), it is normally before a big event or when one of us is going away for some time, but we always have one Rossi’s summer ice cream ‘date’.

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  3. We used to have loads of traditions as a family when our children were growing up but now we’re on the road full time we don’t really have any. Life’s too changeable at the moment.

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  4. Until we moved to a village with an ordinance against open burning, we used to have a bonfire every New Year’s Eve. Our friends and family would come over, we’d have a big meal, then build a huge bonfire. S’mores for the kids of all ages. Our ritual was for everyone to write down on a piece of paper whatever they wanted to leave with the old year: habits, physical or emotional problems, dieting, a bad fit in a job, etc. Then we would burn them! It was incredibly satisfying, and helped all of us in some small way over the years to focus on moving forward without the old year’s baggage. Then we drank “forgiveness punch” which was really apple cider with a little rum on the side if wanted.

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  5. I love this it is so cute! One tradition myself and my partner do is near Christmas we always go on walks and explore all the festive and cute lights 😊✨

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  6. I live in a flat and have a communal garden. A few years ago myself and my neighbours planted a christmas tree and we dress it at halloween (with scary things) and at Christmas. We always have a fire pit and drinks party to do this, which is no mean feet at this time of year in Scotland) and even folk from adjoining flats come along. It’s a great sense of community and a tradition we will be keeping.

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