Happiness Is Contagious

There is something really inspiring about seeing everyone get outside and be happy and healthy after the year we’ve all had.

I’m going to play a little dumb and pretend that all of these people are vaccinated and are doing what’s best for the overall population, so bear with me. The state of New Jersey (in which I live) has been doing a great job getting people vaccinated and I love seeing people take advantage of our new-found freedom.

While the pandemic ended up being a good time for me to learn how to make bread, to clean my car, and take up new hobbies, it really went on for so long that I forgot what a real summer feels like. I forgot about some of the carefree aspects of life that we didn’t get to indulge in during the pandemic.

I spent the past weekend getting a massage outdoors, getting lunch outside and walking around downtown, going to the gym and getting some exercise, taking my dog to the park. And I just felt so happy. When I sat down to check social media, all I saw was people doing the same thing, living life to the fullest.

The happiness is contagious and I’m so proud to see everyone getting out there and recovering from a terrible situation.

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