Being Busy Again

It may sound weird, but I get nostalgic for the beginning of the pandemic where there was nothing but time alone. Time to learn how to make pasta or sushi, time to clean my fridge and vacuum my car, time to binge watch the entire Twilight series.

Lately, I’ve gotten so busy again. In a way, I’m happy to see people out and about and happy again. I’m happy to be experiencing things again.

In the last month, we made plans for every single weekend. This last weekend we were in Kentucky, the weekend before down the shore, then we had a birthday party, our trip to New England, etc. etc. And all of it has been loads of fun, I truly missed traveling and it brings me so much joy. But between work and scheduling fun, it’s hard to find time to do the day-to-day chores that actually make a difference in your life.

The laundry piles up, there has been no vacuuming or dusting, and I don’t even have time for my usual crafty projects that I like to do. I hate having to choose between fun and just having a clean house!

I miss having downtime without feeling guilty for having downtime.

13 thoughts on “Being Busy Again

      1. Really 🤔 Mine is Part 1. The ending plot twist made me sad if anything. I mean I’m happy everything ended well but at the same time I feel like I was robbed for some reason. 😅😂

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  1. I hated everything about the beginning of the pandemic (I think one I’d the big differences between us in this situation is that I live alone), but I see your point. I haven’t had as much time to write lately. I didn’t post last week, and I’m still not done with the new episode.

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  2. Lol tell me about it. I miss not having to go out without an excuse. I mean, I could always choose not to, but it’s so much better when I don’t have to be the one making the decision, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  3. I sometimes miss the beginning of the pandemic. Just so I didn’t have to feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing.

    Now I feel as though I am trying to make us for lost time. It’s a little overwhelming having things to do again haha

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