Closing Out On My Word For 2021

Sometimes I set a word for the year and the New Year approaches and I’m like TOO MANY SLICES UNIVERSE.

My 2021 word of the year was well-being and well…I closed out the year getting surgery in my appendix.

In general, I actually think I made a lot of decisions for myself this year that led to an overall better well-being. I left my job, I got a new dog who helps keep me active, I pursued a nutritional program, and while I think I can do better, I’m not disappointed in myself.

My appendicitis also made me take a harder look at my well-being. I had to take some time off and rest. It wasn’t ideal, but it was nice to rest.

I’m proud of myself this year. 2020 and 2021 were hard, we’re still living in a pandemic and sometimes I can’t do the things I would normally do to de-stress. But I made major life changes and decisions this year and I’m happy!

Did you have a word for 2021? How’d it go?

13 thoughts on “Closing Out On My Word For 2021

  1. I’d say you nailed it. I wouldn’t qualify mine as a word of the year, but a word that has remained in the forefront of my mind as of late is ’embrace.’ Like many people I’m not great with change and I’m not a fan of difficult situations, but instead of fighting through I’ve made a conscience decision to embrace my circumstances. It’s amazing the amount of stress that has vanished just because I’ve chosen to ‘go with the flow’ if you will.

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