Appreciate Your Bad Friends

We’ve all had bad friends.

Friends we made for temporary convenience who we never made a real connection with. This made it hard to care when fights about silly things occurred or life drama that was just way more than you could deal with.

Friends who you gave your all, but just didn’t care about you in return. Friends that didn’t really care about anyone but themselves.

The list could go on and on, but we’ve all experienced or are currently experiencing bad friends.

Don’t keep them around, let them go. Anyone not helping to build you up and anyone trying to tear you down should be gotten rid of.

But don’t forget about them – appreciate them. Appreciate them because now you know what you’re looking for in a friend. You are are looking for true friends who will stick by you through the years. You are looking for real friends who care.

And when you find those friends, the feeling will be unexplainable. Because you’ve dealt with the bad people, you’ve dealt with being hurt – and now you don’t have to deal with it anymore. Your bad friends truly make you appreciate your good friends.

They’re gone, but not forgotten. They are lessons we learned the hard way. Thankfully, we have our good friends to help us now.

32 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Bad Friends

  1. Very true… sometimes it’s hard when you’ve put so much effort into others to see that it isn’t being returned, but if you take it as a lesson you’ll always be better off! 🙂

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  2. The good ones stick and when you don’t see them a while, things pick up right where you left off. The bad ones, sometimes can become good ones later. But some of them you know and they know, you’re done. Great piece.

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  3. I concur with this heaps right now. It’s so tough to realise all my effort isn’t being shown back, and easing off from a certain friendship is killing me – as this person doesn’t seem to be putting in any effort to keep it. Maybe it is a lesson. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Love this outlook , on appreciating bad friends. I’v had a few friends like that, but I recall one in particular that I recently stopped talking to, because she moved an hour away and thing are better now. It sad but sometimes it’s necessary . Also revealing to know the Rocky road is over 🙂 Great Article !

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      1. Yes I agree, I’ll learned to treasure my friends better, so I took the positive & am grateful for knowing what a friend is and is not. Thanks for this awesome post!

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  5. Very true. Some people are so focused on having a lot of friends, but who is going to be there for them when they need them the most?
    Thanks for sharing the importance of having a truly good friend!

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  6. I think you put this down really well. I’ve personally experienced (and still am experiencing) bad friends. Keep on writing! (Also, I would really appreciate it if you browsed through my blog) -Rose24 xxx

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