Why You Need A Summer Bucket List

It has been proven that by writing down your goals, you are much more likely to achieve them.

You may look at having goals as something kind of stuffy. You’re young, you’re able, why do you have to sit down and write a list of things you want to accomplish? You’ll get there eventually, right?

Wrong. But if you don’t want to sit down and map out your life just yet, you can start with just the summer.

A bucket list is fun and much less serious than jotting down your goals. And who wouldn’t want to be that much closer to crossing things off their bucket list when it’s full of fun things to do?

Do you want to travel? Do you want to read 100 books? Do you want to meet the love of your life? Write it down. Make a bucket list and you’ll be one step closer to actually making those things happen.

What kind of power does a list hold? A lot. It’ll remind you of what you want to accomplish and you’ll be that much more thrilled when you get to cross something off. It’s exciting and you need to make a list. Then you can work on making a list of goals and crossing those off one by one. It’s one small and easy task that will make your life better and make you a happier person!

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