My Word For 2018

My word for 2017 was enough. You can read more about it here. And it may have taken me a whole 365 days to really grasp the word, but I did it. I don’t feel guilty on lazy days, I don’t drain all my energy for other people, I’ve had enough of that and I’m not going back. Though I could work on my self-esteem and thinking that I look good enough, I’m happy with the progress I made.

My word for 2018 is presence.

I truly struggle with being okay with where I am. I’m constantly thinking of my next steps. Where are we traveling to next? When will I have to start looking for a new apartment? Where is my next move? How long should I stay at this job? I think of everything except the present.

Because I also get caught up in the past a lot. Why did I do that? How do I get past all of this regret from high school and college? Why did I trust him? What made me ignore important signs? Why couldn’t I have been better?

But what I really need to do is ask myself questions about what’s happening right. now. How do I feel today? What can I do today that will help me feel more present? What have I accomplished today? Can I do better today or make an effort to do better tomorrow? Am I appreciating what I have? Do I need to relax or do I need to go out?

I want to be fully committed to where I am right now instead of searching for happiness down the road. I don’t want to work for the weekend and live just to die. I want every day to be special, even if it’s just me rocking out in the car and taking time to myself or as big as going on an awesome vacation.

In 2018 I will be present. What’s your word for this year?

19 thoughts on “My Word For 2018

  1. Rosie, I loved your word choice of 2018! This post was incredibly inspiring because I feel that I am in a similar boat in my life. I like to make lists and plans sometimes don’t spend enough time just enjoying the moment. I hope to work on that more this year, too!

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  2. hii Rosie, would you mind sharing my post on “Self-Care Amid Flood of Depression”?, that would be greatly appreciated :)) thankyou


  3. I love this! At my church, we always pick a word that we want to focus on for the year, and we check up on them throughout the year. I never actually pick a word. It’s not because I don’t like the concept, I really do. I guess I’m just a brat.
    The word “presence” is such a great word to focus on, too. I think that with the existence of social media and screens everywhere we turn, being present grows harder by the second. I find myself pulled to instagram every time I have a spare second.

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