My Word For 2020

In 2017, I decided to stop making resolutions. I wasn’t following them, barely even thinking about them after January. I decided to start assigning a word to my year, a word that would focus on something I need to work on. In 2017, my word was: enough, in 2018, my word was: presence, and in 2019, my word was: adventure.

2019 was certainly a year of adventure for me. We traveled probably the most we ever have, hitting countries like the Netherlands, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic. We also started exploring our new backyard visiting new towns in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont along with Chattanooga, TN.

Speaking of our new backyard, we took a risk and decided to move 5 hours away from the state we both grew up in. It was really a “let’s just see if we like it” kind of move. If we didn’t, then we’d just move back. We let our lives be an adventure, never really putting a lot of weight into any decision.

In 2020, I have to admit I’m kind of tired of adventure. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot. Now I just want to be comfortable, I want to work on my: acceptance.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past year. Enough that now I need to work on accepting my life. As a type 4/type 5 enneagram, I am naturally always searching, learning, trying to push forward. But it’s gotten to the point where I am exhausted. I want to accept my happiness. I want to accept the things life throws my way. I want to make better choices without having to think them to death. I want to accept my life, because it’s a pretty good life.

No need to push forward, move on, be somewhere else. Just accept where I am and who I’m with at the time and be happy.

Do you have a word for 2020?

19 thoughts on “My Word For 2020

  1. Awwnnn…. This is so cute. I’m excited and so happy for you and thanks for sharing this. I’ve had to take a few seconds and think of how much I’ve pushed myself rather than just ACCEPT. I always have two themes for the year and yes, last year was ‘Simply Chasing Passion and Building Capacity’. This year, ‘Personalize Your Life and Increase Your Social Standing’ and i’m already 30% on track to make this work. Thanks Rosie.

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  2. How neat that you got to travel to so many places! Chattanooga is absolutely lovely, and I’ve always wanted to go to Vermont. I was never really one for New Year’s Resolutions, but being a lover of words — and also an enneagram type 4 — I find that keeping a word to live by is much more effective to carry out through the years! My word is overcome. May this year be wonderful to you! ♡

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  3. This is a really cool idea! I decided to go with actual goals this year, but I also brainstormed a lot of positive words in my bullet journal to manifest this year. It was essentially any positive word I could think of haha, like courage, success, creativity. Acceptance is a really good one though; I hope you have a great year!

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      1. Thanks. I’m always thinking about home while I am at work and work while I am at home. I am trying to focus on the task at hand and where and who I am with presently. “FOCUS, LACEY! FOCUS!” I keep having to remind myself. It’s a work in progress.

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