5 Sunday Self-Care To-Dos

1. Do something for your mind.
You’re about to have a busy week, do something that gives your brain a break. Meditate, read a book, watch your favorite Netflix show. Anything to let you relax.

2. Do something for your body.
If you’re working from home or in an office, you’re probably sitting a lot. Utilize Sunday as a time to get some exercise, take a walk or a run.

3. Do something for your skin.
Who has time for skincare?! Make some time on Sundays. Even if it’s just moisturizing! I like to do a face mask on Sundays.

4. Do something that will make your week easier.
Meal prep, lay out your clothes, finish those last minute chores. Anything to make your week a little easier.

5. Do something that makes you happy.
Could be something I already mentioned! Or it could be FaceTiming friends and family, taking a bath, or doing a craft, anything that makes your heart happy.

3 thoughts on “5 Sunday Self-Care To-Dos

  1. One way that I practice self-care on Sundays is by locking my self out of most of the apps I use throughout the week. No Instagram. No Facebook. No email. Nothing that could make me think about blogging or bills or anything like that. It really forces me to do other things – like read my Kindle or an actual magazine (I forget those are still a thing). Yesterday, I watched a few docuseries episodes on Netflix about topics I don’t blog about. And I tidyed up my bedroom a little bit (a clean space helps me relax).

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