My Work Personality

We all have to act certain ways to fit in sometimes, but I try never to stray too far from my true personality. While some people choose to get very prim and proper at work and keep a professional face at all times, that’s just never been my style.

I’m a casual and approachable person, I want people to feel comfortable around me. I don’t ditch my sarcastic quips or approachable demeanor just because I’m in a room of suits. I try to make everyone comfortable around me and it seems to work.

I recently read this blog post about a study saying that when women joke in the work place, it comes off as disruptive and unprofessional. But when men do it, it’s a way of producing positive outcomes. I’m not surprised at all by this. It goes along with the strong stereotype of women comedians not being funny.

On the other hand, women that don’t crack jokes can be seen as hard or bitchy. It’s usually a no-win situation.

And while I’m not surprised, I’m not going to change my work ways. I may come off as unprofessional to you, but I’m still getting my work done. I’m still successful. And I think I do a pretty good job of making people comfortable and trusting of me.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in a predominantly female environment. It’s very empowering to sit around a conference table of all women. It shows me that women of any personality can be successful. Being your true, authentic self is one of the most important things you can do in life.

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19 thoughts on “My Work Personality

  1. Well sometimes when you at work you got to be professional and put jokes aside more especially if you are a leader because sometimes when you become too friendly with them they will eventually start making your work difficult so it is best to be extremely selective to people you are friendly to at workplace but even though you are standing your ground please…please! Don’t make it hard for other people.

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  2. Nice to hear that you are being your true self. I much prefer that to people putting up a false front and pretending to be something they are not. Keep being sarky and funny, it’s what makes you you!

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  3. At my job, where I’m kind of meant to be a whole different person– I still can’t do it lol. I try to be cool & calm but usually I am just silly & hyper so it always ends up coming out anyways. 😛

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  4. Great post! I find myself trying to be more professional but sometimes it can come across as robotic and not personable. Do you have any advice in gaining respect from colleagues or upper management as a young female?

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    1. I’m definitely not perfect, I think my best advice is to just speak with confidence. If you know something, speak passionately about it. If you don’t know something, learn and practice until you can speak confidently about it. And always be open to helping others, even when it might not pertain to your job! It goes a long way

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