Time Moves Fast But Unbearably Slow

I feel like the last two years of my life didn’t even happen. I’ve been at a new job for a week now and it’s just like no time has passed. Just like I hadn’t lost my job, moved back to my home state, and had to start all over. Because we moved from New Jersey to New Hampshire and then back to New Jersey. It’s just like I went to sleep and woke up – picking right back up where I left off.

The job searching process took three months. It was painfully slow. Rejection email after rejection email after zoom interview after application submitted.

But leading up to that, our time in New Hampshire had been moving so fast. I couldn’t soak it all up quick enough. Couldn’t enjoy it all in enough time.

And after we moved, finding a new place felt like it was taking forever. It was harder than I thought. But once we were moved in, a month flew by without a blink.

Time moves fast. In just three months – the three months that felt so slow to me – I got laid off, moved to New Jersey, and started a new job.

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