Love Yourself As Much As You Want To Be Loved

“Love yourself as much as you want to be loved” – the first time I read this quote, I thought it was so beautiful and so true. Self love is so important. But when I looked at it again, I realized what a challenge that could be.

Everyone wants a big love. I don’t care if you’re cynical, bitter, independent, or happy alone. When you watch a movie with a perfect fairytale romance, something deep inside of you aches a little.

We want the fireworks. We want the grand gestures, dramatic, butterflies in your stomach kind of love. Even if that love isn’t really real. We know relationships can be hard and take a lot of work. But we still want the fuzzy brain and heart thumping kind of love.

We never think about how we should have that kind of love for ourselves. And we never really work towards that huge of a love for ourselves. Everyone says it, to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with yourself. But have you really ever thought of loving yourself just as much as you want someone to love you?

You should get over the moon excited about your accomplishments. You should have butterflies in your stomach when you put on a pretty dress and look at yourself in the mirror. You should love yourself as much as you want someone else to love you.

I know it’s not easy, we often look for that kind of love in other people in order to feel it in ourselves. And that’s fine, but you should always continue to work on yourself and be happy with yourself – by yourself. You can be alone and be happy, you can be in love with someone else and in love with yourself. In fact, you should be – or at least be trying.

25 thoughts on “Love Yourself As Much As You Want To Be Loved

      1. I agree with all that. People say you need to make yourself happy and as with loving yourself I think it’s a hard thing. I think I’m probably much older than you and I’ve not worked it out yet lol

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