Thinking Big Picture

I think big picture in the way that I can’t wait to reach that big picture. I get overly excited about the future, about the things to come, so much so that I don’t really live in the present.

I think big picture, but I don’t think of all the little pieces I need to put together to get there.

That part of the process honestly stresses me out. When I have this big idea, dream, or notion of the future – I just want to do it and I want to do it now. I’ll think about things like where I want to live ideally, my dream job, getting another dog, traveling again, going to concerts again. And I get uneasy knowing that none of those things are immediate and a lot of those things require work.

It might be laziness or just an overactive imagination. But I just want to get to the big picture already. I want to experience the “things will get better” kind of life everyone is always talking about.

Maybe I’m already living it and I just can’t see it, mindfulness and presence is just something I’ve never been good at. I try to appreciate what I have in the moment, but the ins and outs of adult stress is just a lot sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Thinking Big Picture

  1. A walk can lead to places far removed from our worries, our anxiety. Distance trekking is tough now, but can a day-hike routine bring relief? For me, walking (especially distance treks in different times) is a magic potion.

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  2. I wrote recently about living inside my head! Truly a blessing and a curse depending on the day šŸ˜… although a while ago, I worked on not needing larger goals, so I do feel a bit more comfortable in the present…not completely, but a bit!

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