Finding Hope In The Hopeless

Do you ever look back at old pictures, journals, or memories and think about how much has really changed since then? Sure, your hair has grown and you’ve gotten a little taller. And that friend isn’t in your life anymore and your pet has passed away. But have you ever really seen how much you have evolved as a person?

When we become happier or reach good points in our life, we really forget to appreciate them. There are highs and lows all the time – but we let the lows make more of an impact than the highs.

There was a time you were hopeless. That you pined over people who didn’t want you. That you swore off all things that could make you happy. You lived in fear, in sadness, hopelessly ghosting through life.

But did you know in that hopelessness there is a glimmer of hope at the end of the road? Hope that will eventually lead you to happiness if you stop burying yourself in the guilt and blame.

Things change, you have to count on that fact. And since things are always changing, you need to believe that they will eventually change for the better. That not all people are hopeless. Your life isn’t hopeless. That someone or something will give you hope and help you change.

There was a point where I was so certain of how my life would be, I accepted a very bitter and unhappy version of myself. It’s okay to look back at that person to remind myself how much better I can be. Because I made hope for myself and other people gave me hope to keep trying. There is hope in the hopeless.

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27 thoughts on “Finding Hope In The Hopeless

  1. You are right Rosie, the other day I was going through my box of my old photos too and damn! i have really grown. And am not done growing. Years before, I never thought I would ever start a blog. See, that a big growth right there.

    Thank you for you sweet out of the box post. It does reflect on me.

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  2. I don’t think we ever go where we expect in life. If we did, that would be pretty boring. But these “plot twists” and painful moments build character and change us for where we need to be next. They hurt, they hurt a lot sometimes. But you are so right when you say, we need to hope and we always have it. To have something to hope for is to gave something of great value. Wonderful post!

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  3. A few months ago my life seemed to have crashed and I felt like I’d never be happy again… If I had been told there was hope in the hopeless then, I wouldn’t have believed. But now I’m actually starting to build my life again, I focus on small things that make me happy, set myself goals and celebrate when I reach them. And it’s working, slowly but surely. I’ve changed, the bad has changed me, but now it’s not such an open wound anymore – it’s a scar that will always stay on my self, a small reminder of who I was and what a way I’ve gone to get to the place where I currently am.

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    1. I went through this exact same thing, I thought I was going to be sad forever. It felt like such a permanent feeling. But I started doing the same as you, focusing on the small things and setting goals. It is now a reminder to me and makes me appreciate how happy I am today. I’m glad to hear you’re moving in the right direction!

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