My Completed Winter Bucket List

The last day of winter is still a couple of weeks away, it ends on March 19th. But I actually ended up accomplishing almost all of my winter bucket list. The only things I didn’t do were playing in the snow, because there was barely any snow, and crochet a beanie, because I just didn’t have the time or resources. I can also tack on moving out into my own apartment on this list πŸ™‚ I am super proud of myself for all that I accomplished this winter and can’t wait to put together my spring bucket list!

1. Be happy

2. 500 likes on my Facebook page

3. Go to Iceland

4. Go on a weekend trip

5. Take more pictures/go more places

6. Actually enjoy New Years

7. Get into a yoga routine

8. 4,000 instagram followers

9. Change up my hair

10. Make more time for friends

11. Make more time for myself

12. Play in the snow

13. Crochet/knit a beanie

14. Learn something new

15. Continue my commitment to my job

What goals did you accomplish this winter?


16 thoughts on “My Completed Winter Bucket List

  1. Congrats on all of your accomplishments! That’s a really great idea to separate goals seasonally. It makes the New Year Resolutions a lot less overwhelming. I guess a few accomplishments I can think of right now are that I have an official mailing list, I have a P.O. Box Address and I finally have business cards.

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  2. Awesome and congrats! Although I didnt made any specific goals for myself this winters except for travel plans and I will be doing a solo trip after 2 weeks, so my winters travel goals ends there! πŸ™‚

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