Living With Migraines

I’ve suffered for migraines since my young teens. And for a while I thought it was just something that everyone gets. We all have headaches, we all have migraines, I just get mine more than other people.

But while most people have had headaches, they don’t know the debilitation of a migraine. When the ONLY way to get rid of the pulsing pain in your head is to take excedrin, put a cold wash cloth on your head, and sleep. And if you can’t do that, then you just have to spend your day with your migraine. All light is sensitive and all noises are louder than usual. You’re probably nauseous and cranky, it feels like someone is stabbing you in the brain. And you have to work through it, because that’s life with migraines.

You know when someone’s had a migraine before when you tell them you have one and they give you the “I’m so sorry” face. You know when someone hasn’t had a migraine before when you tell them you have one and they’re confused as to why a headache has you couch-ridden.

My migraines are stress induced and I’m stressed out…a lot. In college, every hangover wasn’t just accompanied by that dehydrated splitting headache, but a full blown migraine putting pressure on my temples. Every work day that goes south too fast has me laying on the couch as soon as 5pm hits. Any weekend where I had a stressful sleep includes me trying to shake off the migraine all morning long.

Migraines take time out of my day and they’ve definitely kept me from doing some things I’ve wanted to do. Almost every time we travel, I’m graced with a migraine when we land. Which means our first day of the trip is either miserably powering through or sleeping it off.

The people who don’t have them don’t get it, the people who have them get it too much.

27 thoughts on “Living With Migraines

  1. When I was younger, my brother got them very frequently; like once a week or so. He found out that they were caffeine-induced. His were always so debilitating and typically caused vomiting. I’ve never had one myself, but I am very empathetic to those who suffer from them because of my brother.

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  2. Similarly to you, I get extreme stress induced migraines. Usually accompanied by a Mono spell, I have to be super careful what I give energy to as too much stress can leave me basically bed ridden for a few days.
    My mother unfortunately has daily migraines that she has been surviving with for most of my life from what I can recall. Doctor after doctor, they can’t seem to narrow her cause down which is scary to me. I’m always worried my migraines will escalate to her scale as I age and have children. It’s wild how our bodies can work without letting us know anything at all.
    Hope you find easier methods of ridding yourself of this negative head energy.. Great read xxo Bri

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    1. Interesting that you get a mono spell! I have chronic inflammation and my stress combined with my allergies will give me flu like symptoms – absolutely the worst, but I’ve gotten it mostly under control! I’m so hesitant to waste time at the doctors for the migraines because of situations like your mothers, I’ve heard so many stories like that where most migraines can’t really be treated.

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  3. The worst are the ones that last a whole week. Like I’ll get one Monday, try and sleep it off, but only manage a few hours the next day before it emerges again. Rinse and repeat.

    I always just tell people, you’ll KNOW when you have one. Its just different than anything you’ve ever had before.

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    1. ugh that sounds terrible, I think the longest I’ve had one is two days but with no breaks. It’s so true, I’m so used to them now I don’t know how to describe them to people who have never had them.


  4. Hi Rosie.
    I have a friend who has them and they are intense. I am a Christian so I will be praying for you. I have seen God heal friends of mine after someone prayed for them. If you not a christian that’s fine. I truly believe God loves us all and He can heal you.
    Migranes are not cool and I would love that you didn’t have to live with them.


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  5. I’ve had a migrane once, it was the worst pain I have ever been in. I’ve giving birth 3 times, with no pain relief! Yet that migraine took me off my feet! You poor thing, I can’t even comprehend what you must be going through on a daily basis dealing with them! You truly are a strong woman xx

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  6. I have been blessed (not really) with them since I was 8 years old, I could not relate more. Like you mentioned when you go on a trip. Same. It is terrible when you know in advance already you can count on a down day because you already know it will happen.

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      1. Yes I feel you. When i wake up with them is the worst :(. I have my system down pat too when i do get them and my husband is so understanding and helps me. Hot shower, sometimes I’ll get sick, either I want ice, sometimes heat, and a lot of sleep. Then I’m back to normal! Glad someone can relate!

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  7. My boyfriend often gets them. He sometimes has to spend whole days in bed with the curtains closed and no lights. I didn’t really know chronic migraines were a thing before that. Stus mum also suffers from them so we assume that they are like a genetic thing. Strange really there can be so many reasons for them!

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  8. I get a migraine every month or so but normally I am able to just sleep it off and it fades fairly quickly. Therefore I understand how painful and debilitating it can be and empathize with you completely. I hope one day they find a medication that will eliminate migraines all together. xx

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