Good Comes From The Bad

Doesn’t it always feel like everything just goes to hell the moment you thought everything was fine? Like you can’t enjoy a perfect moment because it will most likely be ruined. You can’t enjoy the good because the bad is inevitable. Admitting you’re happy will bring sadness so you try to keep the thought suppressed so you don’t jinx it.

I guess the upside of that is once you hit rock bottom, you can only go up. Sure, the yo-yoing of emotions is exhausting. But it’s reassuring to know things really can’t get any worse. It makes the happier moments easier to enjoy – even if you are afraid that it will be ripped away at any moment.

The thing is, you can’t be afraid. You can’t live your life in fear that if you become happy then everything will go straight to hell again. How are you ever going to build back up to that good place if you can’t let go of the bad?

You have to keep moving forward. Bad doesn’t always come from the good. It’s just easier to recognize when you’re unhappy rather than when you’re content. Good does always come from the bad. It stops raining and the sun starts shining eventually. Sometimes it will take longer than others, sometimes it feels like it has been raining your whole life.

But it’s not true. Focus on the good things, no matter how little they are. And in your darkest moments, remember that there is a bright one not too far away.

31 thoughts on “Good Comes From The Bad

      1. I’ve been keeping a hand written gratitude journal that I begin each morning with a list of things I am thankful. It helps. πŸ™‚

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  1. This was such a positive post to spread around the Internet, I love to see good things like this! All the badness should never take anything away from the positive things in someone’s life

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  2. Good things can come from bad situations if you choose to learn from them. If you don’t, well then you’ll just keep repeating the same bad cycle. I do believe in goal setting and thinking positive. Sometimes thinking positive is the only thing that gets you through the day.

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  3. I’ve definitely been through this plenty of times in the last few years. I think that sometimes you have to see the worst in yourself to know that better things are coming. It might take time, but they’re always there, waiting in the wings. Great piece!

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