An Appearance Slump

I don’t know if I should chalk it up to weather or laziness, but I’ve been in a slump with my appearance.

I rarely do my hair, just throw it up in a pony or let it be its frizzy, wavy self. I put eyeliner on maybe once a week, my make up is always bare minimum. Unless I’m going out on the weekend, my appearance is always a little half assed.

Even when we go out to dinner after work or out to take a walk, I opt for sweatpants and minimal make up. Which is fine sometimes, but eventually your self esteem takes a hit because you’re not really taking care of yourself.

I can’t really blame myself for falling into this slump. I see the same people almost every day of the week. I have the same routine. What’s the point in jazzing it up and spending time getting ready when I could be sleeping?

The weather warmed up this week and I really realized the neglect I’ve been imposing on myself and the impact your appearance and inner confidence has on other people. The weather put me in a better mood so I threw on a dress and had a great day. Then I put on a skirt the next day with some lipstick and I got so many “good mornings” and another great day!

I took selfies this weekend, felt good about myself, and felt motivated enough to want to start my healthier habits of eating better and working out more. That has been a goal for me for so long, but I just couldn’t get out of the slump.

Just a little extra effort has gone a long way for me. Have you ever had an appearance slump?

14 thoughts on “An Appearance Slump

  1. Being blind I don’t take much notice of how people look, for the simple reason that I can only perceive outlines. I do, however notice how people smell and have, on several occasions backed away when individuals have emanated a strong wiff of body odour. Recently I was stuck in an office with a gentleman who had a strong scent of sweat and I couldn’t help but move my chair away from him.

    With partners it is rather different as (without being crude about it) blind people can touch what is being worn and enjoy doing so …

    As regards my own appearance, I sometimes don’t shave for several days but always feel better for having done so.


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    1. That is such an interesting perspective! Even when you can’t necessarily see people, there are still many factors that go in to taking care of yourself. It’s amazing how much better you feel after just a little bit of effort. Thanks so much for commenting!

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  2. I find during the winter time I’m bundling up as much as I can, so when spring/summer comes along, I feel better about myself. I wear dresses all the time to work because 1. I don’t have to try to match tops and pants, and 2. dresses look like you’re actually trying. I definitely think the slump as to do with the seasons because I do feel better about myself when it’s warmer haha.

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  3. I go through cycles. I’ve never been one to waste an extra 15 or 20 minutes on hair and make up, but some days I am more careful with my outfit than others. That said, once you pair down your wardrobe to only the pieces that fit you well and that you really love, most things you grab, no matter how rushed, will look good

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