How I Accidentally Stopped Having Fun

When I was in high school, if you asked me what I did for fun I could name a few things. I liked reading, writing, going to concerts, and hanging out with some of my friends. If you asked me what I did for fun in college I would say I like getting drunk with my best friends, I like writing, I like meeting new people.

If you asked me now, I think I would struggle a little bit. Because I still love going to concerts and seeing my friends. But I’m not too keen on alcohol anymore. I like going new places and I like writing, but both almost feel like a job to me now. My passion projects have turned into work.

I accidentally forgot to have fun because things have become so different after I’ve spent a few years out of college – I don’t know what to define as fun anymore.

I’ve picked up a few things that I like doing. I like knitting/crocheting and cross-stitching (even though I’m not great at it). I am trying to pick up reading again. And I’m trying to find joy in writing and traveling again.

There’s a lot of pressure when you work 5 days a week to make the most of the time you’re not actually working. I didn’t think it was possible, but there is a pressure to have fun that makes having fun not fun.

So I’ve taken a step back, again, to draw a very very very thick line between work and play. I need to go with the flow and just learn to have fun again.

38 thoughts on “How I Accidentally Stopped Having Fun

  1. LOL…I loved seeing this, because I literally just posted about how I feel I lost my sense of humor…

    I think life just tends to need us to take care of things and we begin putting our energies into responsibilities. But take it from me, a serial workaholic, you MUST enjoy life.

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  2. I struggle with this a lot. I think the whole working full time is what has gotten in the way so much. When I spend so much time working, the days I have work, I don’t want to do anything. I just want to sit around, watching TV. But then I feel guilty for doing this so I try to force myself to do something. I am trying to find an even balance so I can have work but also enjoy things outside of work.

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  3. Sometimes I have to remind my friends that “hanging out” at bars isn’t really an activity. Spending time with people is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not technically a hobby. And since I’m the planner of our group, I try and arrange stuff for us to do. Zip-lines, museums, winery tours, kayaking, hiking, art classes. And then they always say, “oh that was so fun!” It’s not hard to get back into the swing of things but it does take a pinch of planning to break the routine

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  4. You’re right, life sometimes seems like it gets in the way. I guess nowadays it’s easier to start your own business or work from home which is helpful, but also has its unique stresses. But, it gets easier. I think for many people what fun means to us changes, we just aren’t ready to admit it yet:) Thanks for sharing.

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  5. This is definitely a concern when work and passions come together. As wonderful as it is to love the work we do, when what we love turns into a chore it almost robs us of one of our interests. Don’t feel the pressure to make the most of the two days out of work. If sitting in your PJs on the sofa (or whatever) makes you happy, just do it. You’re the one who has to feel rested and ready for work when Monday rolls around. We can be so bogged done by having loads of interesting hobbies, sometimes chilling out at home is the nourishment we need. And knitting etc can be done on the sofa, too! X

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  6. Yes, pressure in the free time you have where you have to have fun. I think you got it right when you said about just going with the flow more. These days I just chill and then do stuff more spontaneously when I’m in the right mood. Although, loosely scheduling in stuff like movie night or going for a curry once a week can be something to look forward to.

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  7. Yes, I really feel this! Especially since I haven’t been successful with landing a job yet, I feel like I need to be utilizing my time and hobbies to turn them into skills or ways of income. I’ve started realizing that it’s so much better to give myself time for fun activities (without feeling guilty about it) because it gives me a break and allows me to recoup and be more productive when I get back to work.

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  8. I think when we grown up we often forgets what give us pleasure and make us smile and we often get rid of that innocent child who simply just knew how to have fun. Adult life makes us sometimes so serious. And I believe it is important to remember how to be this child again. So I wish you to find that child inside you and have fun! πŸ™‚

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  9. You need to learn how to engage with your 10 year old self again. Children know how to embrace and enjoy almost everything and we all lose that as we get older. Be a kid again and just be silly. Always fun.

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