How To Date Casually

I’ve always had a hard time having anything but a one track mind. If I’m committed to something or someone, then that’s that and I can’t think any other way.

We casually date because dating is hard. Meeting one person at a time, only to be disappointed after the date and having to wait a while to find another person to date, seems impossible when you really think about it. The chances are low that the one person you met online or that one person you bumped into at the gym are your actual soulmates. And you won’t even know if they are right away. So you can date more than one person at once.

The key to dating is staying open minded. It doesn’t make much sense to deny a first date with someone just because you have a first date scheduled with someone else.  You never know what’s going to happen and you never know how compatible you’re going to be.

But make your decisions quickly, if you know this person is someone you are just not into then cut them loose ASAP. Don’t go on six dates with each person and dig yourself into a deep hole that makes you look like you’re just using people.

Know yourself well enough to know when something works and something doesn’t. When something is really clicking, don’t accept dates with other people. When something seems really up in the air, then do it!

Always remember to keep the other people you’re dating in mind, though. Would you want other people messing around behind your back when you think you’ve made a real connection with them? And always define the relationship, make sure they know it’s casual for now and you’re not “in a relationship” with them just yet.

It’ll all work out if you want it to and if you treat dating with respect and understanding.

4 thoughts on “How To Date Casually

  1. I had a guy tell me that he didn’t want to date me after our first date because I was dating other men. I told him that I respected his opinion but I don’t make a determination of whether or not we can go the distance after one date. I told him that most men don’t make it to the 3rd date anyway because I don’t want them to feel used if I know there isn’t a chance.

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    1. Yea I could totally see how someone wouldn’t want someone they’re dating to be dating other people, but like you said a lot of people don’t make it past the 3rd date and to just stop looking because of one date is a little ridiculous – his loss!

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