Last Year In My 20s

This month I turn 29, my last year in my 20s. Insanely enough, I started this blog when I was 21. So I’m creeping up on 8 years writing on this blog.

In that time, we’ve had a name change from Hookup Culture to Rosie Culture. I was a recently-dumped broken-hearted sorority girl trying to find comfort anywhere and in any person I could.

I graduated college and got an internship. Then I got a job and lived at home with my parents. And then I got another job and moved out.

I rekindled things with my now-fiancé. And I moved again, this time being able to live completely on my own which I will forever stand by that’s something everyone should do.

My childhood dog died and I moved again. This time with my now-fiancé. We got a dog. I got promoted and we moved to New Hampshire which was the best decision we ever made, he said around that time was when he knew he was going to marry me.

We traveled the world. My aunt died. A pandemic struck. My fiancé’s childhood dog died. I got laid off due to the pandemic and we moved back to New Jersey.

I got a new job, it wasn’t great. I struggled with leaving New Hampshire and finding balance at work. But then we got another dog, we got engaged, and I got another job all in the same month.

I got my appendix taken out, my first real surgery. I started navigating life a little better. I feel now I’m coming into my own at 28, almost 29 years old.

So the moral of the story is your 20s are a volatile time, things change A LOT and they change fast! Nothing will ever go according to plan, so just go with it. I’m proud of myself at the end of the day, I’ve struggled a lot through my mental health and finding my purpose in life. Maybe there is no purpose other than to find love where you can and hold onto it. I’m going to make the most of my last year in my 20s, and even though I’m TERRIFIED of getting old, I’m not terrified of entering a new decade of my life.

16 thoughts on “Last Year In My 20s

  1. I freakin love getting old! I don’t know where this peace came from or else I’d share with you my secret. I’ve always felt that one’s 20s are meant to shape you into the human you’re meant to be. The rest of your life you get to be your authentic, true self (if you’re strong enough 😉).

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  2. I hope year 29 is amazing for you! Turning 30 actually wasn’t so scary for me. But it happened during 2020, so I was pretty numb from working so much that year and probably just didn’t have enough time to overthink it like I normally would’ve done, LOL. But I agree with Bex, something magical did seem to happen when I turned 30. I wouldn’t say it completely changed me as a person, but I did feel different, more accepting of myself, less concerned with things that had previously given me so much stress and anxiety. I gave myself permission to let go of what was no longer working in my life. It was so refreshing and welcoming and liberating. I wouldn’t say I have life totally figured out–NOT AT ALL–but I am much gentler with myself now when I make mistakes. You’ll always be learning at life, no matter what age, but I think leaving my 20s meant leaving behind this mindset that I had to squeeze all of these huge life milestones into one decade. I’ve learned to appreciate growing older and seeing what this new decade brings into my life. Yes, growing old is intimidating for various reasons, but for my part I’m trying to slow down and learn to take it in stride.

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