The One Who Makes You Backslide

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but chances are you are already on someone’s hook.

We all have that one person who lives deep in the cracks of our pushed-away memories.  It’s the person that hurt us badly, but we still love.  It’s the person who will always cause us to backslide.

This person could disappear for days, months, or years and we would still let them into our house if they showed up at our doorstep. Because they just have a way with you. It’s a silent want and need to have the person you have been suppressing your love for to finally love you back.  Even if you hate them, even if they did you so wrong, this person will always have a piece of your heart.

And they will always cause you to backslide.

This is never a good thing.  Backsliding means you are falling right back into a place that ended in unhappiness.  It’s so easy to let them have some sort of control over you because of the intense love/hate feeling you hold in your heart and in your brain.  It’s a constant battle to get back someone you loved, but push away someone who hurt you.

Don’t fall back in line with your backslider.  

Every situation with this person ends up the same way. They go on their jolly way after using you for brief support, and you collapse back into the hole that you had just recently climbed out of.  Never let your insecurities best you, especially when it comes to someone who cause some of those insecurities.  Avoid your backslider or rise above them – you’ll always deserve better than how they treated you. You were fine without them before, you’ll be fine without them now.

15 thoughts on “The One Who Makes You Backslide

  1. Don’t worry why am going back into your old posts, but the links on your previous posts, lead me here. Seeing how you’ve grown motivates me. So many of your posts were so good but did not have many views. I see the posts you write NOW, you get upto 70likes or so. You are a good writer and enjoy your work.
    And for this post, i have been in this kind of relationship. And I do agree, its never a good thing.

    Keep at it. You motivate me Rosie.

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  2. I used to call this kind of backsliding (or generally any kind of conscious decision to put yourself in this kind of bad situation) “2611ing,” after Proverbs 26:11. “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.”

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